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SICK: NARAL Releasing Abortion Themed Ice Cream Flavor with Portland, Oregon Shop

For just $9.50 a pint, you too can support the killing of unborn children!



Residents in Portland now have a new flavor of ice cream that supports abortion nationwide. NARAL, short for┬áNational Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, has partnered up with a local ice cream parlor, What’s The Scoop, to roll out the abortion-themed flavor “Rocky Roe vs. Wade.”

In a series of NARAL-sponsored ice cream socials, Portland residents can have the new flavor served by NARAL Pro-Choice staff members and volunteers in September.

If you don’t live in Portland, you can still experience the abortion-themed flavor by ordering online, according to Grayson Dempsey, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon’s local leader. Dempsey tweeted, “Order Now! #IceCreamForPresident,” on Thursday when announcing the new flavor.

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When a local Portland political consultant called Dempsey out for trivializing such a serious issue, he was quick to go on the defense. After being told that the event was “disgusting,” Dempsey responded by accusing Jonathan Lockwood, with Medium, of “shaming women” and “terrorizing” the local business.

The overall response to the above Tweet was one of shock, horror and disgust.

@R_Blaikie replied, “This takes the evil to a whole new level.”

@XianNotEvanglcl said, “Tastes like death”

Another individual questioned why other causes were skipped over while abortion was being celebrated. @bellawhoohoo replied, “Really poor taste to do this!Abortion is one of those things even if you support the decision, it is not something that should be celebrated. Wonder what flavor they will come up with for hospice, euthanasia…. Alzheimers… ice cream of all things!”

On NARAL’s website, they describe reproductive rights as “human rights,” stating, “Reproductive rights are essential for achieving gender equality. Reproductive freedom means having affordable access to all reproductive health care options, including birth control and abortion care. It also means supporting people who choose to work while pregnant and those raising families.”

What about the rights of the unborn child? The unborn HUMAN child?

NARAL and other organizations that support abortion share similar views, hold fundraisers and back up the right to kill your own child if it’s going to affect your lifestyle. Pro-choice is not about what’s necessary in the event that there would be health complications for the mother or the unborn child. Pro-choice is supporting the idea that if a child would just disrupt things and you’d rather not be bothered, you can kill another human being–your own flesh and blood. All so your child doesn’t cramp your style.

It’s ok to be completely irresponsible, have unprotected sex and get pregnant–so why wait until a life is being formed in the womb to all of a sudden masquerade as if you’re doing the responsible thing by killing another human being? Being a responsible adult means protecting yourself and using birth control if you’re not ready to become pregnant, and raise a child. Who wants to be bogged down raising a child when there’s so much unprotected sex to have though, right??

Abortion IS NOT a form of birth control and should not be treated as such.

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