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SICK: Pedophile Poses as Rothschild Prince, Exploits Eight Young Boys

Looks like he will be getting the royal treatment in prison.



A homosexual pedophile in Philadelphia devised a plan to disguise himself as a royal prince and “catfished” adolescent boys online in an effort to seduce them into sending him sexually explicit videos and photos of themselves.

“He convinced [his victims] that he was rich and famous,” said Assistant United States Attorney Michelle Rotella. “And he would never send them photos of his face.”

During September and November of 2017, an unemployed, 45-year-old sociopath named David Milliner was successful at manipulating at least eight boys who sent him sexually explicit videos and photos of their genitals–all of which were minors, with the youngest boy only 6-years-old.

The investigation began when parents one of the victims ran across the photos of their son being sent to the “Prince,” and contacted the Philadelphia Police Department.

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After months of investigation, the Philadelphia Police Department was able to trace a conversation between Milliner and an undercover agent posing as one of the boys to a residence on 32nd Street in northern Philadelphia.

The case was picked up by Philadelphia law enforcement after an online publication, “Rich and Royal Magazine,” promoted updates of a man who was using photos of Michael Jackson’s nephew, T.J. Jackson and telling readers he was a trillionaire by the name of “Prince Daniel David De Rothschild,” who was supposedly of European Royalty. (Photo is of the REAL nephew to the late King of Pop, T.J. Jackson)

The children who bought the pedophile’s story weren’t alive when Michael Jackson rose to fame, and were easily fooled by posts made by  the man claiming to be T.J. Jackson visiting Michael Jackson’s grave in August of 2017. The pedophile told the young boys that he could afford them any luxury they could dream of.

“Prince Daniel David De Rothschild” doesn’t exist and was made up by Milliner.

According to prosecutors, Milliner’s plan was to attract the young boys with his promises of fortune and fame then to distribute the sexually explicit photos and videos the boys would send to him.

Authorities say that Milliner used at least eight Facebook profiles, as well as other social media accounts posing as the fictitious prince in hopes to lure more young boys.

“We will go to every after party and you will be dressed in Marquesa,” Milliner wrote to one of the boys, misspelling designer brand Marchesa. “I promise you diamonds and exquisite antique jewelry that you get to keep. I’m drinking juice looking at the ocean thinking of you.”

“This Prince Daniel David De Rothschild” was not Milliner’s only persona, he also claimed to be several different close associates that worked with the fictitious prince. Chief-of-Security was supposedly the prince’s head bodyguard; Head of Communications, that was the middleman between the made-up prince and the boys, and another character Milliner claimed was related to Louis Vuitton that went by the name Michael Prada Vuitton, a cousin to the made up prince.

According to KYW News Radio 1060 AM, Milliner is facing 16 federal charges for his crimes against the young boys that include soliciting, manufacturing and possessing child pornography.

Milliner has plead not guilty. He is now in federal custody and scheduled to stand trial on October 2.

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