SICK: Philadelphia Fifth Graders Forced to Celebrate Angela Davis and “Black Communism” by Simulating Black Power Rally

A whistleblower has leaked documents to Christopher Rufo showing that a teacher at a Philadelphia elementary school had fifth-grade students simulate a Black Power rally to celebrate a communist activist and her brand of “black communism.”

William D. Kelley School is a public school located in the Philadelphia inner city that serves prekindergarten through eighth-grade students. A fifth-grade teacher at the school designed a lesson plan to celebrate Angela Davis, a long-time communist and academic, by asking the students to describe her early life, reflect on her “thoughts about violence,” and define the terms “injustice,” “inequality,” and, yes, “communist.”

The teacher’s lesson plan didn’t end there. It also involved a simulation of a Black Power rally in the school auditorium to “free Angela Davis from prison.” The students chanted slogans like “Black Power!” and “Free Angela!” They also held signs that read “Black Power,” “Jail Trump,” “Free Angela,” and “Black Power Matters.”

Davis was in fact a prisoner at one time. In the early 1970s she was held in jail for over a year on murder charges. Three prison inmates used guns she owned to kill a prison guard and take people in a courtroom hostage. A jury eventually acquitted her.

Rufo points out in his City Journal article that “the William D. Kelley School has long been one of the most troubled in the district. The school’s student population is 94 percent black and 100 percent ‘economically disadvantaged.’ Academically, it is one of the worst-performing schools in Pennsylvania. By sixth grade, only 3 percent of students are proficient in math, and 9 percent are proficient in reading. By graduation, only 13 percent of Kelley students will have achieved basic literacy.”

So sad. And the way out of that is not pro-communist indoctrination, to say the least.

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