Sick Progressive Forced to Apologize After Celebrating Conservative Journalist’s Death

If there’s one thing that conservatives, patriots and American nationalists can take away from 2018, it’s that the progressive left showed nothing will stop them from spiraling to the very bottom of the gutter.

Progressive Twitter figure and ‘artist’ K. Thor Jensen seems to have taken open hatred towards right-of-center Americans to a new level before ringing in the new year.

Jensen was forced to apologize after posting a disgusting tweet that made light of the recent death of a Federalist writer, Bre Payton. Payton was only 26 years old, and her death at the hands of a sudden illness came as a shock to many in conservative media.

In the now deleted tweet, Jensen expressed his amusement at Payton’s death with a bizarre allusion to vaccines, and in truly contemptible fashion, went on to publicly hope for “an equally ironic fate” to befall other Federalist writers. 

Truly sickening. There’s no other way to put it.

Conservatives, freedom lovers and patriots across America agree on the need to fight the left, metaphorically and politically. But you generally won’t find similarly distasteful and openly violent calls for physical harm to befall those on the other side of them.

Jensen tried to cover up for his disgusting statement by issuing an apology, after receiving scorn and rebuke from across the political spectrum. 

“Trying to be better in 2019” would probably be a pretty low bar for Jensen to meet, after finishing 2018 openly celebrating the death of someone in the prime of her life, simply for her conservative political opinions.

It’s good that there are at least some progressives who are willing to call out such hateful and dark rhetoric. However, some doubted the sincerity of Jensen’s apology, remarking that he was probably compelled to issue it, facing the prospect of losing book and creative design deals from publishers.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for this seriously sick individual to “be better” in 2019.

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