SICK: Video Shows Drag Queen Predator Performs Perverse Sex Dance to Young Child as Adults Cheer

A shocking video is going viral on social media of a cross-dressing drag queen performing a sexualized dance routine for a girl who looks to be no older than 6.

The text on the video, which was originally posted on the social media provider TikTok, reads: “This sweet little girl asked her mom to get a better view.”

The child is clearly unsettled by the bizarre and sexual display, despite the raucous cheering from the lecherous homosexuals and empowered women surrounding them.

Drag queen Kitty Demure came out earlier this year as a whistleblower, giving first-hand testimony about how the drag queen lifestyle should not be exposed to children:

A homosexual drag queen is speaking out against “Drag Queen Story Hour” events, claiming it is inappropriate to expose children to the lascivious lifestyle associated with these flamboyant cross-dressers.

“What in the hell has a drag queen ever done to make you have so much respect for them, and admire them so much?” said drag queen Kitty Demure, who operates out of San Bernardino, CA. “Other than put on make-up and jump on the floor and writhe around and do sexual things on stage?”

“I have absolutely no idea why you would want that to influence your child. Would you want a stripper or a porn-star to influence your child? It makes no sense at all,” Demure added.

Demure admitted that the drag queen lifestyle is far from wholesome, and typically involves illicit sex and drug use. Individuals who participate this raunchy culture are courting intimate access to children at public libraries and other venues.

“A drag queen performs in a night club for adults. There is a lot of filth that goes on, a lot of sexual stuff that goes on, and backstage, there’s a lot of nudity, sex and drugs. Ok? So, I don’t think that this is an avenue you would want your child to explore,” Demure said.

“To actually get them involved in drag is extremely, extremely irresponsible on your part. And I understand you might want to look like you’re with-it, that you’re cool, that you’re woke, that you’re not a Nazi, that you’re not a homophobe — whatever it may be, but you can raise your child to be just a normal regular child without including them in gay, sexual things,” Demure added.

Demure believes that events like drag queen story hour hurt the LGBT community by allowing perverts and creeps running a glorified grooming operation to represent them to the public.

“Honestly, you’re not doing the gay community any favors. In fact, you’re hurting us. We have already had a reputation for being pedophiles, and being perverts, and being deviants. We don’t need you to bring your children around,” he said.

Around the country, drag queens have been completely unvetted before being allowed to read creepy stories about gender and sexuality to children. This has resulted in pedophiles being allowed to administer story hour events to kids.

The LGBT movement will not stop until every child is violated spiritually and physically by the sadistic predators among their ranks.

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