Sister Of The Would-Be Kavanaugh Assassin Might Be Responsible For The Cali Man’s Change Of Heart

According to new reports, it appears as though the sister of the would-be Kavanaugh assassin is to thank for the man swaying away from his original murderous intentions.

In case you missed it, last week an armed Californian man (who said his own life would be given “purpose” if he killed Kavanaugh) was arrested outside the home of the SCOTUS justice for planning an assassination. 26-year-old Nicholas Roske eventually told authorities that he flew from California with the intent to kill the justice who is in favor of striking down Roe.

Following the event, pro-abortion activist group Ruth Sent Us sent a “special message” to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters. The whole debacle has been grossly underreported by the mainstream media, who has vastly chosen to not report on the story due to its implications for protestors outside of SCOTUS Justice’s homes in recent weeks.

So much for “mostly peaceful” protests…

Thankfully, this story did not have the terrible ending it could have. Which may be attributed to the would-be assassin’s sister according to The Washington Post.

“The suspect arrived by taxi and observed the U.S. marshals, and he turned around to contemplate his next move,” Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones told the outlet. “This is when he texted his sister and told her of his intentions, and she convinced him to call 911, which he did.”

Investigators have been interested to learn more about why Roske chose to turn himself in. Though it is not clear if the man’s conversation with his sister is the reason he had a change of heart, The Washington Post views the text messages exchanged between the two as substantial evidence to support the notion. Details about what was discussed and for how long are still unknown.

“We believe the presence of the deputies assigned outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s home served as the deterrent in this incident,” Drew J. Wade, chief of the Office of Public Affairs for the U.S. Marshals Service, said. “While the deputies did not witness anything that would have resulted in an enforcement action, their vigilance and posture averted a potential violent act against the Justice.”

The Montgomery County Emergency Communications Center also received a call from alleged Roske who said he had suicidal thoughts, a gun in his suitcase, and had come from California to kill “a specific United States Supreme Court Justice.”

Roske eventually told authorities that he was upset about the “leak of a recent Supreme Court draft decision regarding the right to abortion as well as the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.”

The would-be assassin also indicated that “he believed the Justice that he intended to kill would side with Second Amendment decisions that would loosen gun control laws.”

Ironically, he chose to combat loose gun laws with gun violence.

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