Situation between Russia and NATO is getting very very bad.

Why are government officials around the globe scrambling to stockpile supplies?

In the next 48 hours, unprecedented orders for gas masks, radiation pills, dosimeters, and medical supplies are being tracked down and grabbed for shipment to Europe.

Two weeks ago, the Red Cross was scrambling to procure these same supplies in unheard of quantities.

There is only one logical conclusion: we are being lied to. Both sides; things over there are so much worse than we have been told.

The Russians are NOT beaten down, demoralized, or untrained.

They are NOT getting ready to revolt against Putin. Once again, the propaganda machine is running with a full head of steam.

The Russians are, in fact, sweeping through the Ukraine with a death toll around 500 or so-not the higher numbers that are being reported.

The numbers are being doctored to boost moral, but once again we are not getting the truth. This false perception is going to work against ALL of us in the foreseeable future.

There’s a reason that the UN is pushing NATO to get involved-which we will do. This is going to be a long war with any luck (bad), or a much much shorter one (worse).

These guys think that the balloon is getting ready to go up.

One of the biggest suppliers of safety products in the US is having their inventories absolutely cleared out-by our own government.

Buddy of mine is a reserve officer in Austria-Swedish airforce just intercepted two Russian fighters-ans SU24 and an SU27 that were overflying military AND civilian areas. THat’s the official version.

Now, let’s get the rest-they just snagged two low altitude planes that had extra gas tanks and specialized camera equipment that is made for long range intel-and no weapons systems at all. They were identified as part of a a Strategic Nuclear Air Strike Unit, stationed near Moscow. The flight path was very low altitude, so only specialized military radar was able to even detect them.

This has never happened before, not even during the Cold War (although Moscow is only 1000km away)Low altitude, only got caught by low altitude radar. This sort of recon is normally done by satellite imaging.

There are really only two reasons that this would be happening:

1. The Russians don’t want to have relied on their sats to give them accurate information, for some reason or

2. An attack is coming soon, and they want to make sure that it is a s precise as possible.

Sweden’s military has gone on high alert-as in DEFCON 2. All bunkers in pretty much most of the other counties are stocking up supplies as fast as they can.

In Austria, back in 1977, the Austrians built a 5 story bunker complex 300 meters underground inside a mountain near Salzburg. (Guess they were copying Cheyanne). It was built to withstand multiple nuclear detonations, and would have been tough for an enemy to access in case of invasion.

Inside, it can hold up to 250 military personal as well as the leaders of the Austrian government. From inside, they have full control of the Army and the Air Force (like Cheyanne) and presumably they can govern whatever’s left of the country.

Most thought this thing went into mothballs as the Cold War fizzled; but the fact is that it was maintained in readiness and in the the last two weeks the powers that be are stocking and provisioning it as fast as humanly possible, to an absolute maximum.

The Austrian Chancellor and Ministers disappeared last week for two days; turns out that they were participating in an emergency evacuation drill, where they were brought to a secret location outside of Vienna. An Army helicopter picked them up to fly them to the above mentioned bunker.

What is interesting is that a delegation of the German government was visiting Vienna, and THEY ALSO DISAPPEARED.

Let’s cut to the chase: they are preparing for the absolute worse. And I don’t think they came to this conclusion by using an Ouija board.

Theya re preparing for a nuclear war.

Gas prices are up, and could go through the roof.

Please-start stocking up now. Remember how crazy it got over cases of rump-tickets last spring? Worse case scenario you email me and gripe about the fact that you stocked up on SPAM and no one in your house likes it.

Imagine what’s going to happen when we are talking shortages of food, medical supplies, water, and -I am shuddering-hot wings. Trying to be cute, but I really don’t feel it.

If the UN pulls NATO into this we are in BIG trouble-Putin pretty much won’t have a choice but to whip out the pretty special effects-measured in megatons.

I have been writing an article that I will post here tomorrow about the deadliest weapon that they have by far-one that could have a casualty rate of 90% of the US over the next year.

I will detailing what is going to happen if the United States gets hit with an EMP-1-which will take us to our proverbial knees. And then to our backs.

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