Skittles Joins the Woke Bandwagon By Releasing Pro-Trans, Pro-BLM Packaging

According to Steve Watson of Summit News, the normal red and rainbow packaging for Skittles has been replaced with black and white packaging that dons a trans flag and the phrase “Black Trans Lives Matter”.

To make matters worse, the confectionary slapped a drag queen on the packaging.  The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation organization helped the candy giant design this package

No company is immune from the disease of wokism. Cultural leftism has thoroughly infected all of American society. It was only a matter of time before corporations began embracing such leftist insanity. With companies going woke, the regime now has a legitimate avenue to thoroughly police people’s private behavior. 

This goes to show that not all fights take place in legislative halls or at the ballot box. There are many cultural struggles taking place in corporate boardrooms. For those of us who can’t cut in the political game, they should do everything possible to build up their skills and resume so that they can assume positions of great corporate influence. 

That way, these companies can be purged of woke policies and go back to doing what they do best — serve their customers. America can’t afford to have companies behave like Pinkertons of the politically correct managerial regime.

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