Slimy John Bolton Calls Out President Trump for Questioning Voting Irregularities and Fraud

US National Security Advisor John Bolton answers journalists questions after his meeting with Belarus President in Minsk on August 29, 2019. (Photo by Sergei GAPON / AFP) (Photo credit should read SERGEI GAPON/AFP/Getty Images)

Disgraced national security adviser John Bolton sharply criticzed President Donald Trump in an op-ed that he published for the Washington Post on November 11, 2020. He accused Republican leadership of “coddling” President Trump after his electoral loss. The failed national security adviser asserted that some Republican leaders are providing cover for the president “while he trashes the U.S. electoral system.”

“But this coddling strategy is exactly backward. The more Republican leaders kowtow, the more Trump believes he is still in control and the less likely he will do what normal presidents do: make a gracious concession speech; fully cooperate with the president-elect in a smooth transition process; and validate the election process itself by joining his successor at the Jan. 20 inauguration,” Bolton stated.

Mainstream media outlets called the election for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden on November 7 after he was able to pick up large leads in swing states such as Pennsylvania through mail-in-votes that started dripping in after Election Day.

So far, Trump has refused to concede and is waiting for the courts to adjudicate potential allegations of voter fraud.

Bolton became infamous for being the most hawkish voice in the Trump administration and was shown the door in September 2019 after it became clear that his agenda did not coincide with Trump’s policy  of restraint. The disgraced national security adviser warned that Trump’s behavior is blemishing the GOP’s image right before two Republican candidates in Georgia square off with Democrats in runoff elections for the Senate in January.

“Consider the competing interests. Donald Trump’s is simple and straightforward: Donald Trump. The near-term Republican interest is winning the Georgia runoffs,” Bolton stated. “The long-term Republican interest emphatically involves winning those Senate seats, but it also involves rejecting Trump’s personalized, erratic, uncivil, unpresidential and ultimately less-than-effective politics and governance.”

The Trump campaign has taken legal action in pivotal battleground states in order to overturn results that allegedly had cases of fraud.

Bolton did concede that the Trump campaign can use whatever legal means it has available to contest the election results. Bolton did state, however, “any aggrieved candidate must at some point produce valid legal arguments and persuasive evidence.”

“Trump has so far failed to do so, and there is no indication he can. If he can’t, his ‘right’ to contest the election is beside the point. The real issue is the grievous harm he is causing to public trust in America’s constitutional system,” Bolton added.

Bolton concluded by saying that the 2020 election needs to be wrapped up:

National security requires that the transition get underway effectively. These are Republican values. We will acknowledge reality sooner or later. For the good of the party as well as the country, let’s make it sooner.

Bolton is a consummate creature of the Swamp and a mouthpiece for military industrial interests. President Trump was correct in firing him, although he should have never been hired by Trump in the first place. As far as America First movements are concerned, John Bolton has no business being involved in an administration that pushes for foreign policy restraint.