Slimy NGOs Sent Tens of Thousands of Illegal Aliens to All 50 States 

The Heritage Foundation’s newly published Oversight Project revealed the degree of involvement of American taxpayer-funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have had in sending tens of thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens to towns across every state in the Union.

This project highlighted how there were roughly 30,000 unique mobile devices at 35 NGO centers and one Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility stationed on the southern border.

John Binder of Breitbart News noted that the investigation “confirmed that a host of NGOs are actively facilitating”  vast amounts illegal immigration into the United States interior as CBP transfers breath-taking numbers of border crossers and illegal aliens to NGOs, which receive taxpayer funds. Then these NGOs provide transportation services to send illegal alien arrivals to all 50 states.

“Devices that were at these NGO facilities later appeared in all but one congressional district in the United States,” the investigation observed. The investigation added:

The investigation confirms that the Biden border crisis affects all of America and that NGOs are playing a central role in the mass resettlement of illegal aliens in the United States. Worse, this flow of illegal immigration helps enable cartels to bring terrorists, criminals, and deadly drugs like fentanyl into the United States.

Throughout multiple phases of this investigation, the Oversight Project found out that tens of thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens had arrived at NGO centers prior to being transported to all except one congressional district across the US.

One shocking aspect of the Biden regime is that its Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has entrusted NGOs with the role of providing shelter to border crossers and illegal aliens at the border prior to transporting them into the American interior through domestic commercial flights and buses.

As long as politicians, the NGO-industrial complex, and Big Business are committed to open borders, more schemes to bring illegal aliens into the country will become the norm. These people don’t view America as a unique people and place. Instead, they view it as a multicultural shopping mall that must be subject to all sorts of culturally radical experiments.

The only language these people understand is force, not persuasion. Once in power, America First nationalists must make it a point to clamp down on NGOs and businesses who engage in the treasonous behavior that is promoting mass migration. Ultimately, individuals and institutions who partake in this must be punished for their actions. Letting them off the hook will only embolden Open Borders Inc. and hasten America’s demographic decline.

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