Slovenia Legalizes Homosexual Marriage Against the Democratic Will of the People

Earlier this month, Slovenia’s Constitutional Court legalized homosexual marriage and adoption. Though as Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News noted, the country’s high court did so “despite the country’s population voting against it in three separate national referendums.”

In legalizing homosexual marriage, Slovenia became the first Balkan country to do so. However, it accomplished such a feat by superseding the will of the voters.

“On July 8, six judges voted to legalize same-sex marriages and adoptions, while three voted against,” a Remix News report highlighted. The majority on the court ruled that a prohibition on homosexual marriages is unconstitutional.  

According to Radio France, the ruling came as a result of two homosexual couples submitting complaints that they could not marry or partake in child adoption. 

Slovenians voted against homosexual marriage during a national referendum back in 2015. 63% voted against homosexual marriage, which was the third time that voters rejected this concept. 

Despite Slovenian voters making their voices heard at the polls multiple times, the recent court ruling will likely lead to the legalization of homosexual marriage in the country. 

What took place in Slovenia is part of a broader trend sweeping across the Collective West. Namely, where high courts are nullifying the will of democratic voters and legislating from the bench. 

Managerial elites recognize that their ideas can’t win at the polls, so they turn to the judicial system or bureaucracy to impose their will on so-called “reactionary” electorates that hinder the realization of their globalist agendas.

Unless there are major judicial reforms implemented in the West, the judiciaries in these countries will continue subverting the will of the voters and facilitating massive scale social engineering of these societies in accordance with the whims of managerial elites. 

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