Smollett-Linked Avenatti Claims Innocence In First Tweet Since Arrest

Avenatti Defends Innocence

Michael Avenatti, known to many as Creepy Porn Lawyer, claimed his innocence in his first post to social media since his arrest on Monday.

Mark Geragos, the Smollett attorney and former CNN contributor, is reported to be the unnamed co-conspirator in Avenatti’s alleged $25 million extortion scheme. All charges were dropped in the case against Smollett earlier today.

Avenatti, the former personal attorney of pornographic film star Stormy Daniels was arrested on Monday and charged with four counts of extortion and related conspiracy counts, only hours after he posted his plans to reveal an alleged college and high school basketball scandal involving major athletic brand Nike in a press conference scheduled for Monday afternoon.

In his tweet, Avenatti thanked his supporters for their “kind words and support,” and said he is “anxious for people to see what really happened.” He maintained Nike’s guilt while defending his own innocence, and said the “public will learn the truth about Nike’s crime & coverup.”

It is believed he allegedly extorted Nike for $20 million in exchange for not moving forward with his press conference and lawsuit against the company, which led the Southern District of New York to investigate and eventually arrest Avenatti on these charges.

Nike has provided no public statement on Avenatti’s arrest or the veracity of his claims.

If found guilty, Avenatti could face up to 50 years in prison for his crimes, as Big League Politics reported earlier today.

Ironically, this comes after Avenatti spent months claiming he was going to personally end President Donald Trump’s time in office while representing Daniels, at one point claiming the president would be indicted by December 31, 2018.

Almost four months later, President Trump has been totally exonerated by the Mueller report, and Avenatti is facing a fight for his freedom.

Big League Politics reported:

Just ten months ago Avenatti was flying high as the Democrat media complex’s darling, giving daily interviews claiming that he would take down President Donald J. Trump.

“I believe that ultimately he will be forced to resign due to information that he’s — is going to come to light in connection with our case, as well as the raids by the FBI,” Avenatti told a panel on “CBS This Morning.” “We’re going to prove the details of this reimbursement. I think there’s going to be criminal liability, criminal exposure in how this payment was handled.”

He was referring to an alleged “hush money” payment made to Avenatti’s client Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence about an alleged affair with Trump. At the time, he was attempting to make the case that the alleged payment constituted a subversion of campaign finance law.

Big League Politics will continue to report on the criminal case against Avenatti, and his stunning reversal of fortunes.

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