“Snake Island” Ukrainian Defenders Actually Surrendered to Russian Warship; Kyiv and Moscow Confirm

As information from the Ukrainian war becomes harder and harder to defuse, one of the biggest morale boosting stories to date may have been intentionally faked by pro-Ukrainian sources.

Early this morning, Russian media outlet Russia Today (RT), published a video of surrendered Ukrainian servicemen arriving at a port in Crimea.

According to RT, these were the now famous defenders of “Snake Island” that had reportedly died after telling a Russian warship togo f*ck yourself.

RT published an official statement on the matter in Russian on their Telegram channel. The statement has been translated to English using Google:

Footage of surrendered Ukrainian border guards from Serpent’s Island. Earlier, Zelensky, in his video message, said that they were all dead, and promised to posthumously award them the title of Hero of Ukraine. On the eve of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that 82 Ukrainian soldiers in the area of ​​the island laid down their arms and voluntarily surrendered. They took a subscription refusing to participate in hostilities and will return them to their families in the near future.

Russia Today – Telegram (Translated From Russian to English)

This is the complete opposite of the story propagating in western media outlets and social media circles. The past few days, the men of Snake Island have become somewhat of a legend, standing defiant in the face of a Russian warship.

According to the legend, when asked to surrender, the Ukrainians answered with, “Russian warship, go f*ck yourself.” Shortly after, it is said that the Russian navy bombarded the island and killed all 13 defenders.

Although the Ukrainian Government and President Zelensky originally acknowledged the supposedly martyred soldiers, they have since reverse their position. Today, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the island’s garrison in fact surrendered to the Russian Warship and their original sources were incorrect.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that both propaganda and the famous ‘fog of war’ are clouding our judgement on Ukraine. Fake information is out there everywhere, and every side is pushing its own narrative in an attempt at victory.

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