Snapchat Releases ‘Love Has No Age’ Photo Filter for ‘Pride’ Month

The California-based photo sharing app, known for it’s ability to make photos supposedly disappear, has unveiled a new line of their popular filters to superimpose over selfies.

The new filters are part of the “Love Has No Labels” campaign meant to promote the LGBT agenda on unsuspecting teenagers.

The filter has different text phrases claiming “love has no ______,” with the blank being a different word such as race, gender or sexuality.

But Twitter user Ashley St. Clair scrolled to the last one which will leave your head scratching.

Love has no age?

What could they possibly be suggesting here?

As St. Clair notes, pedophiles have made a concerted push to join the ranks of acceptance granted to the LGBT community.

This “filter” seems to show the ground this criminal movement to make grooming, molesting, and photographing children in a sexually explicit manner an acceptable practice.

More and more Americans are becoming alarmed at the rapid rise and influence of the LGBT agenda on the nation’s youngest citizens.

All across America, drag queens are organizing to read fairytales to children at “Drag Queen Storytime” led by child sex offenders.

Children are paraded as cross dressers and sent to dance for adult homosexuals.

Throughout “pride” month expect to see shocking displays of sexuality directed at everyone, especially children.

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