Snopes Won’t Confirm Whether it Will Correct MSM Conspiracy Theories in Acosta Video Scandal

The mainstream press went to bat for Jim Acosta after the alleged “reporter” put his hands on a female White House intern during the press briefing on Wednesday.

Of their many bogus claims – including a flat denial that the event happened in the first place, though everyone saw it – they claimed that a video shared by Sarah Huckabee Sanders was doctored to make Acosta look badly.

Later, multiple forensic experts disputed the mainstream press claims, saying that the video was not doctored and documented both here and here.

“No expert we spoke to found evidence the video was intentionally sped up or slowed down,” said a PolitiFact article.

Earlier in the day, Big League Politics did a roundup of fake news media outlets who intentionally lied about the doctoring of the video to excuse Acosta’s actions. “Fact-checking” site Snopes ran a piece titled “White House Press Secretary Blasted for Sharing Infowars Video to Bar Reporter,” in which it parroted many of the talking points of the aforementioned fake news media outlets.

Snopes ultimately reached no conclusion about whether the video was doctored.

Now that we know for a fact that the video is indeed legitimate, Big League Politics reached out to Snopes to ask if they planned to retract their story and “fact check” the left-wing mainstream press outlets that got the story wrong.

David Mikkelson, founder of the site, would not confirm either question.

“We didn’t publish an article of the nature you describe.  Perhaps you have mistaken us for some other publication that did,” he said.

And there you have it. One of the sites supposedly responsible for maintaining the integrity of the news media will not commit to maintaining the integrity of the news media.


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