SOCIALISM LOSES: O’Rourke, Gillum and Abrams Blew It, But It’s Their Policies That Suck

The Fake News Media are in full spin mode after their PR campaign for Democrats called the “Blue Wave” met a Red Wall on Tuesday night.

After months and months of shoving a so-called “blue wave” down America’s throats, the Democrat Party’s resistance turned out to be overhyped. Despite taking back the House, Democrats are reeling from major losses in races they claimed as game changers. Namely, the ill-fated campaigns of far left Democrats: Robert Francis O’Rourke , Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams.

These progressive darlings were supposed to be the change “we could believe in.”

Instead, they lost.

Each of these campaign’s featured a singular message: America needs a little more socialism.

Beto ran on single-payer (the government) health care.

Andrew Gillum hired radical leftists for his campaign.

Stacey Abrams schemed with the Democratic Socialists of America to “scare the right wing.”

Each of these candidates were darlings of the media with each appearing with glowing national reviews. Countless profiles in all the most “elite” magazines and newspapers like The New Yorker, TIME, New York Times, Washington Post and many others. These three were supposed to usher in the new age.

These three were supposed to be the ones to take one Trump.

But throughout their campaigns they were dogged by problems from their past and present. Problems that appears to resonate with voters. All of the scandals had to deal directly with the character of the candidate. And the results speak for themselves.

Here’s just a few examples that we covered:

They are the perfect examples of the left going too far. America doesn’t want to be Europe. Americans voted strongly for Republican Senators and Governors on Tuesday night because they can protect America from implementing the failed policies from around the world.

The bottom line is that voters in Texas, Florida and Georgia rejected these national Democrat figures and sent them packing. Thank Goodness!

And just to show to how much that the Fake News Media are on the Democrat’s side, take a look at this tweet:

That’s a New York Times “reporter.”

The tweet was Red by Buzzfeed’s Editor in Chief. They aren’t even hiding it anymore.

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