Social Justice Poison Infects Pro Wrestling as Popular Personality Forced to Resign for Making Joke

Professional wrestling is not immune from the social justice poison that is circulating throughout our culture, and legendary manager Jim Cornette has learned that the hard way.

Cornette was forced to resign on Wednesday from the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) for making an innocuous joke during a live broadcast on Tuesday. This shows how the wrestling industry has changed vastly since its heyday of controversial gimmicks and storylines, succumbing to politically correct norms like virtually everything else.

“Effective immediately: Jim Cornette has resigned from the National Wrestling Alliance. As an announcer on the November 19th edition of NWA Power, Jim made remarks during a singles match between Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch that were both offensive and do not meet the high standards of decency and good faith of the National Wrestling Alliance,” the NWA said in a statement.

“To ensure that such an error can never happen again, we’ve established new procedures of review for all NWA programming going forward,” they added. “We sincerely regret our failure in this regard.”

While Cornette was giving color commentary on a broadcast of NWA Power during a match between Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch (two Caucasian performers), he made a joking comment about one of the competitor’s toughness. This is the comment that has him in such hot water.

“He’s the only man I’ve ever known that can strap a bucket of fried chicken on his back and ride a motor scooter across Ethiopia,” Cornette said.

This set off a social media witch hunt that immediately attached a racist connotation to Cornette’s harmless joke. He plans to talk about the incident during the next episode of his podcast tomorrow.

“Morning everybody! Heard any good jokes lately? This coming Friday’s Jim Cornette Experience (wherever you find your favorite podcasts) is liable to be a good one if you like hearing stupid people told what they can do with their stupidity,” Cornette wrote in a tweet.

The clip can be seen in its full context here:

The digital lynch mob celebrated on Twitter that they had taken Cornette’s scalp.

Ironically, Cornette has been a huge critic of right-wing politics and President Donald Trump for many years. He regularly goes into tirades against the Republican Party and criticizes wrestling fans on social media who support the President.

Now that he has become a victim of left-wing cancel culture, perhaps Cornette will finally reconsider his liberal beliefs.

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