Social Justice Warrior Charged with Making ‘Obscene Communications’ for Denigrating Parents on Facebook

A social justice warrior has been charged with making “obscene communications” about her parents on Facebook after calling them racist and posting some of their private information.

“My parents are RACIST and I’m tired of it!” 20-year-old Kaileigh Schmidt wrote in a post on the night of June 5.

“They literally had my cousin take my phone and hold me at my house as they came and took my car and mom started hitting me at my own house and we got into a fight and I almost called the cops on her! Shes lucky I didnt but here’s proof. Let’s see what they have to say about this! Make it viral! Black lives matter!” she added.

Schmidt posted private communications via screenshots in an attempt to dox her parents and ruin their lives.

“Well mom woke up on her birthday crying of videos of you partying with [n-words],” a message allegedly made by Schmidt’s father reads. “[N-words]. What the hell? If you want us to keep helping I can’t see that shit no more. I’m blown away [n-words].”

“Black lives matter is a movement that started over a cop doing his job!” another message reads, supposedly written by Schmidt’s mother. “He was found innocent remember??? Yet lots of white people have been killed, business’s burned, etc over this. That’s not how you handle things. The black people fighting and acting fools are like animals not human.”

Schmidt is being accused of sharing the phone number and address of her parents, apparently hoping to encourage mob reprisal against her loved ones for being guilty of wrongthink.

She wrote to conclude her initial Facebook post: “I tagged the piece of shits so [y’all] can blast them to [sic]! They aren’t my family anymore! I also have bruises all on my face should call the cops but I’d rather have them go viral, also while mom was hitting me dad just stood there and yelled ‘your [sic] a [n-word] loving whore.'”

Because of her alleged reprehensible behavior, her family has been subject to threats from a mob of left-wing jackals on the hunt to destroy more lives.

“The family has received thousands of threats from across the country,” investigator Ruben Bishop said.

Schmidt attempted to get the mob to back off of her parents a couple days after making the initial post:

I know what my parents did was very wrong on many levels and I shared my experience so that everyone could tell them how wrong they where so they could see that what they have been doing and saying is not right. With that said I dont condone any violence towards them either. Family or not violence doesnt help anything. Change doesnt happen with violence. So please anyone that’s making threats towards them needs to stop. We cant fight and win with violence. I still stand with everyone backing me up and I still support the black lives movement and I’m still not gonna go back to my parents, but I dont support violence. I hate getting calls all day that cops are having to watch a house because people are trying to harm them. And even trying to harm other people who dont have anything to do with this jusg for the simple fact they are related. No matter how wrong they did me or anyone else, I’m for peace, violence is not the way. Please hear me out on this one, it’s not gonna help, make change with peace and show love.

Schmidt has been charged with two misdemeanors. Under Mississippi law, “any comment, request, suggestion or proposal by means of telecommunication or electronic communication which is obscene, lewd or lascivious with intent to abuse, threaten or harass any party to a telephone conversation, telecommunication or electronic communication” is considered a criminal offense.

This case may show that there can be serious legal repercussions for joining a left-wing witch hunt and inciting a digital lynch mob to crush wrongthink.

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