“Socialist” Denmark Experiments With Freedom, Announces Removal of All Covid-19 Restrictions

Denmark, one of the favorites of the progressive wing of the left, was one of the first EU countries to impose measured lockdowns across the country in an effort to bring the covid-19 outbreak under control. Known fondly and with ire for its relatively expansive welfare state and proactive government, it would appear that the Scandinavian nation is reversing course with regards to Covid-19 and has announced that it will be removing all Covid-19 restrictions still currently in effect by September 10th. According to The Epoch Times, the Danish Health Ministry has concluded that the virus is “no longer a critical threat to society.”.

Indeed, this comes as a considerable reversal given that Denmark was one of the first countries to implement a vaccine passport policy, which it initiated in April of this year. This, however, is still quite consistent with the Danish government’s propensity towards proactive governance. Having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said that the government would nonetheless continue to “act quickly if the pandemic once again threatens the essential functioning of society.”.

This latest move by Denmark appears to be in considerable contrast to other countries in the EU. Recently, the French government started implementing vaccine passes for many businesses and even long-distance travel, an effort that has been met with stiff opposition from the French people, with protests involving tens of thousands of French citizens with many more planned.

Indeed, many conservatives, as well as civil liberties-minded liberals, have voiced deep concerns regarding vaccine passports from a privacy and individual autonomy standpoint. In fact, radio show host and outspoken free speech advocate Joe Rogan has repeatedly voiced opposition towards vaccine passports and mandates, with the usual suspects launching the standard baseless attacks on him and his character without addressing his underlying concerns.

It would appear that many on the left face a good deal of cognitive dissonance at the moment. On one hand, they are large supporters of activist government policy, especially when it comes to the economy, as a way of shaping society in a way that they see as desirable. However, two of their favorite country examples, Denmark and especially Sweden, appear to be using that activism in responding to the Covid pandemic in a way that the globalist rulers tell them is wrong. In fact, the left seems to have almost forgotten Sweden exists, and when they do only see it with seething resentment.

Meanwhile, in America, vaccine passports appear to be the policy du jour of the liberal gentry class, with San Francisco and Los Angeles joining the Big Apple in announcing vaccine passports for many of modern society’s basic activities. Given how robustly the French have responded to their local tyrants, it would seem sensible to assume an equivalent response from freedom-loving Americans, especially in the upcoming primary season for the 2022 mid-term elections.

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