Socialists Accused of Blocking Food And Supplies in Latin American Chaos

Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro was accused of blocking food production for his people as early as five years ago, before the country’s economic system completely collapsed. The accusations should come back to haunt leftist commentators worldwide, who apologized for Hugo Chavez and his successor Maduro as the nation rapidly declined.

Maduro is arresting dissidents in the country after a weaponized drone attacked his own military parade in Caracas Saturday. John Bolton immediately denied any United States involvement and said that Maduro could have staged the attack himself as a “pretext” to arrest opposition leaders. Maduro is still blaming the attack on the “Far Right” opposition.

How did Venezuela descend into such chaos? Maduro was accused of a political tactic also used by the socialist mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulin Cruz in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria: blocking necessary life supplies from getting to the people of his country.

Maduro, who appears in public in jogging suits, tried to blame his country’s main food producer Empresas Polar for food shortages back in 2013, but the company was not having it.

The leader of Empresas Polar said that Maduro’s government began shutting down food-production facilities under the reign of the previous Socialist dictator Hugo Chavez. This means the Socialist Party was engaged in direct economic warfare against Chavez’s own people, under the guise of “labor disputes.”

“There’s an immediate solution to this: Get the public sector (food production) plants running at 100 percent,” stated company president Lorenzo Mendoza in 2013 as Venezuela hit 12.5 percent inflation.

Maduro clearly did nothing to keep the food production abilities open — as evidenced by starving Venezuelans stalking zoo animals as sources of food in the year 2018.

Socialist punishment of their own supporters is nothing new. It’s a tactic that also reared its ugly head in Puerto Rico, where the Socialist mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz tried to get more money out of President Donald Trump while she held press conferences in front of full trucks at loading docks.

Yulin Cruz made no bones about the fact that she was blocking supplies from getting to the people, and she knew the worldwide left-wing media would blame Trump for any suffering on the part of the hungry Puerto Ricans — like the fact that power companies supposedly struggled to get electricity back on for lengthy periods of time.

Listen to this heart-wrenching audiotape of a police officer describing mayor Yulin Cruz’s anti-humanist tactic.

A self-identified police officer currently in Guaynabo called into a Spanish-language radio program to describe what happened. Jennifer Puentes shared footage of the emotional, stirring interview.

The female police officer said, “I need to pass this information out because the stuff that is being brought from the U.S. it is not being distributed. They are not allowing the Puerto Rican people to receive the donations.”



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