Somali Refugee Who Threatened to Blow Up a School Bus Full of ‘White Cowards’ is Running for Seattle-Area County Council as a Socialist

A Somali refugee who once threatened to blow up a school bus, calling the children in the bus “white cowards,” is now running for a Seattle-area county council position.

Ubax Gardheere is running for the King County Council. She is already working in the Equitable Development Division in Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development, which works with groups on “anti-displacement efforts in high displacement risk neighborhoods, with a continued emphasis on serving BIPOC communities that have been targeted by systemic and institutional racism.”

Gardheere describes herself as a “bureactivist” who is “focused on policy and systemic healing” with “extensive experience in social justice and transformative practices.” In other words, this foreign interloper has a socialist agenda to undermine the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

“She prioritizes working in community development and building an inclusive vision with many of Seattle’s BIPOC, low-income, and working-class communities,” her campaign website states. “She believes all humans deserve respect, safety, shelter, and economic opportunity.”

Ten years ago, Gardheere boarded a school bus making terror threats and yelling racist gibberish against white people, according to court documents.

“You need to calm yourselves down ’cause I could have a bomb. Look how loose my clothes are,” Gardheere said.

“While speaking with the middle school students, the defendant stated that she might have a bomb and might have a gun,” deputy prosecutor Gretchen Holmgren wrote to the King County court. “When students attempted to escape out the back of the bus, she called them cowards and told them they would be responsible if something happened to their classmates.”

“Several students believed she had a weapon of some kind and many feared for their lives,” Holmgren added.

Additionally, “the court documents also say at least one student heard her call the fleeing students ‘white cowards,'” according to a Fox News report.

Gardheere was able to work out a plea deal that got her off with only a misdemeanor for her depraved actions. Liberals immediately began painting her as a sympathetic figure and gave her a gushing profile in Seattle Weekly to explain away her crimes.

“She said her mental condition worsened after she stopped in Dubai to see in-laws on her way to visit Somalia in 2008,” the article said. “Then, according to her account, she was nearly raped by someone at the house where she was staying–and beaten up by police when she tried to report the incident.”

She said to the publication: “I’m thinking in my head, ‘What can I say or do that will get you taken to jail instead of a mental institute?'”

Now that the Left has rehabilitated her reputation, Gardheere intends to represent the community as an elected official working to undermine the host country she sponges from. Isn’t “diversity” grand?

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