Someone is Editing and Deleting Seth Rich’s Reddit Posts

Seth Rich, Facebook

After Reddit users managed to track down the accounts on the site belonging to murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich, someone began editing and deleting his comments.

While it is unclear if someone is actually logged in and meddling with his account, or if Reddit took it upon themselves to remove identifying information about someone who is no longer living — it is still an odd occurrence.

Reddit users first located Rich’s main account, ‘MeGrimlock4’, where Rich had posted looking for his parent’s lost dog and left his email address.

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The email was one of three said to belong to the DNC staffer that were tweeted on Friday by tech mogul and friend of Julian Assange, Kim Dotcom.

Dotcom claims that Rich was the one who leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks — and that he knew him. The tech mogul has promised to provide more information on what he has been calling a “political murder” on Tuesday after he speaks to his lawyers.

The last post ever made by ‘MeGrimlock4’ was about his appreciation for patriotic clothes.

There is also a post which included a photo of him with Warren Buffett — as well as posts about his volunteering at the Washington Humane Society, and his love of dogs and pandas.

Strangely, this account’s posts were edited on Saturday, after it was discovered by the internet, by someone who has apparently never heard of the ‘Streisand Effect.’

The post searching for his parent’s lost dog was edited to remove the two email addresses that were included in the original post.

“For some strange reason, whoever was meddling with Rich’s account also appears to have deleted his most recent post, which was made much closer to the time of his actual death; his other recent comments currently read ’11 months ago’, while this one reads ’10 months ago’. This one is even more suspicious, because while the actual comment made appears unremarkable, the fact that it is posted in the subreddit r/washingtondc makes it clear that the account belongs to someone in DC, which could tip off future online investigators that they might be looking at Rich’s account even after the email information was deleted. I hope we get an explanation about this from Reddit admin as well,” independent journalist Caitlin Johnstone noted in her Medium post about the strange occurrence.

The email accounts tweeted by Dotcom pointed to the Twitter accounts @panda4progress and @Pandas4Bernie which many have now attributed to Rich. If these accounts do belong to the murder victim, it indicates that he was definitely a Bernie bro, which has long been the theory on why he would have chosen to leak the information that revealed internal plotting against the Vermont senator’s campaign.

The Pandas4Bernie Twitter account was last active on June 11, less than one month before Rich was murdered. The last tweet on the account was a manifesto about continuing to fight for Senator Bernie Sanders.

This lead to the Reddit account, /u/pandas4bernie, which also stopped posting around the same time as the original account.

Rich was murdered early morning hours of July 10, 2016, near his home while he was on the phone with his girlfriend. The police initially ruled that it was a botched robbery — but his wallet, watch, and necklace were still on his person when he was discovered by police. After his death, his girlfriend told a local news station that she believed that it sounded like he was murdered out of anger.

Early Tuesday morning, news broke that former DC homicide detective Rod Wheeler, who was privately investigating the murder, found evidence that the 27-year-old had been communicating with WikiLeaks.

In a bizarre and aggressive statement following Wheeler’s report, Brad Bauman, the spokesman for the Rich family, who just so happens to be a Democratic Party crisis PR consultant, claims that even if an email [to WikiLeaks] was found, it would not be evidence of foul play.


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  1. I smell DNC and Hillary’s stink all over this. Total complete cover-up. I’m sure glad there will be more “muh russia” stories tomorrow.

  2. Seth had a ..Mega Upload..account. The domain belongs to Seth uploaded all emails of DNC to that acct. The dc police know on his laptop his addy to the acct. Originally the peeps thought he had a USB, they killed him to get the USB , but he didn’t have one. The emails are in the cloud owned by So they don’t know what is in that upload. They want to acquire it to silence anything he has stored. An they would murder to get that information. That would prove Seth, not Russia, is the whistleblower. That’s my guess.

  3. Does anyone still believe that he was such a devoted Hillary Clinton fan that “he was excited to get promoted to Hillarys NY HQ”????? This was her teams response after his death! riiiggghhhttt….

  4. They aren’t just criminals they are the enemies of the US and are doing an excellent job of destroying it since the residents of the country don’t feel empowered to do anything about it. Feelings, nothing more than feelings.

  5. John Molesta got his SEIU thugs to whack Rich. Have you ever seen the average SEIU member? Just look at video of their “rallies”. Looks like a bunch of Crips and Bloods.

  6. Hopefully this new admin can get to the truth and finally try and incarcerate these Democrat criminals. The problem is the media will do whatever it takes to cover it up or create more ridiculous distractions, to sway the minds of the mindless..

  7. Seth Rich was a Bernie supporter, fighting against Democrats and for the US and its citizens. Alfie didn’t call Seth an enemy of the US. You know that. Seth should be touted as an American hero when it’s proven he was the leaker. BTW, why is it that msm doesn’t report on this, they’re all VERY much Democrats. Democrats who dont want to pursue the truth, and blatantly hide the truth.

  8. Rich was a Bernie supporter with proof that the DNC rigged the primary against the Bern. Lawsuit ongoing. Bernie voters smartly never liked the other dem. candidate. Sad that rich didn’t live to see that thing lose. FFS, we all KNOW Russia never hacked the dnc simply by the fact that the DNC refused to give up their servers to the fbi.

  9. Democrats murdered one of their own, to hide their many crimes against humanity far more heinous than a single murder.

  10. Hahaha – the Democrats are getting sweaty under the collar the more the investigation into justice for Seth Rich heats up. Let’s have a special counsel into the murder of Seth Rich!

  11. The Russia ruse is nothing more than a diversion from the truth. Anything that Hillary touches is evil and vile to the core. We need justice for Seth Rich! Do not let the criminals in the DNC cover up his death!!

  12. Russia had nothing to do with Wikileaks – just another Democrat lie. Much like “you have to pass the bill to see what is inside of it” or “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”, or “it depends on what the meaning of is is.” More criminal behavior from the biggest crime syndicate in America – the Clintons.

  13. The ER doctor who worked on Rich said he didn’t think Rich’s wounds were serious enough to be fatal. Basically, he patched him up and was going to do some additional work on him the next morning, but Rich expired overnight. First question. Was the doctor who did the initial surgery called during the night about the sudden reversal of his health, or did a resident or other attending physician take over the case? Question two. Can the medical records and autopsy report be released, or can it be subpoeaned? Third question. The police officers who arrived at the scene all had body cams on and recording. Will the DC PD release the body cam videos? Fourth Question. Where is Seth Rich’s laptop? It seems like it has been lost, kinda like President Kennedy’s brain. Last question for now. Why is the FBI involved in a botched robbery of a DC resident? Do they involve themselves in all roberies in DC? Any comment from Hillary?

  14. Supposedly, two individuals were murdered in South Carolina the day after Rich was shot, and one was a DNC stafferer. Trying to veryify.

  15. Brad Bauman, the spokesman for the Rich family, who just so happens to be a Democratic Party crisis PR consultant, claims that even if an email [to WikiLeaks] was found, it would not be evidence of foul play. Yes, Mr. Bauman, but it IS evidence of contact with WikiLeaks.

    Why Mr. Bauman would make the leap from that to “foul play” is known only to Mr. Bauman, and the people who sent him to cover for the Rich family and keep them in line.

  16. He was definitely the leaker, not russia. The clintoon mafia strikes again. But fake news yawns…move on.

  17. He said Democrats are criminals. Seth was a Democrat. He is a hero if he’s the leaker, not a criminal. This is why petulant generalizations are stupid. Chelsea Manning…. Also a Democrat.

  18. Nothing going to come of this….any more than the death of Vince Foster.. This was a hit

  19. How many died in Arkansas? Is Seth Rich another Vince Foster?

    Please, Lord, please let there be a snitch
    So we can get the wicked witch
    Sent off to jail. Forever.
    And Bill can take in Monica,
    His plump and gorgeous heifer.

  20. “the fact that it is posted in the subreddit r/washingtondc makes it clear that the account belongs to someone in DC”
    not sure if you should sell your brain to science or infowars

  21. everyone knows who had him murdered, and everyone knows the reason she had him murdered.

  22. Now who could that be? Let’s see – Hillary, Bill and the Clinton machine maybe? How about the entire corrupt democrat (translation: socialist/communist) party and their “connected” gangster types? Probably all of the above?

  23. Clinton fired the director of the FBI the day before Vince Foster was found dead in Mercy Park.

    The FBI Director was William Sessions. It was July 19, 1993 and Fosters’ body was found July 20, 1993.

  24. Two Guatemalans according to George Webb. Rafael Aguilar was the one who (supposedly) worked for HRC’s campaign.

  25. I do not believe that an attending physician would break protocol and risk his license/possible jail time. So I do not believe that video report.

  26. Clarification – From what I’ve been able to find, Rich was conscious and responsive both at the scene and in the ER. Anonymous 4th year surgical resident (normally a five year residency) posted to 4chan that Rich was stabilized in the OR, with plans to re-operate a day or 2 later after being given blood, fluids, and antibiotics. He was hemodynamically stable and did not require any drugs for cardiac or blood pressure support. He may or may not have been on a ventilator. Then mid-morning the ICU was inundated with LEOs, only the attending (faculty or teaching surgeon) was allowed to see the patient, and Rich was pronounced dead before noon. (My timeline may be off by an hour or two, but I’m confident of the sequence of events.)
    Second question – ANY medical records, autopsy reports, or psych records can be subpoenaed by a judge. LEOs cannot demand them without one, and it is a crime to provide them to anyone without written authorization from the patient.
    Third – Doubt DC PD will release bodycam footage. It seems to be “lost”.
    Fourth – Rich’s laptop is either with the FBI or DC PD, depending on who you believe. I suspect the answer to that question will soon become, “What laptop?”
    Lastly, re FBI involvement. Good question. It seems a bit much for FBI to get involved in a murder from a “botched robbery” without some sort of interstate interest unless its by special request of someone with a lot of juice in DC. Unless they were already involved.

  27. Either Deep State thinks we are that stupid, or they have no concern and will “take care of business” in whatever manner they think appropriate. But, give me an intellectual break as this was a murder and an in-your-face cover-up. They apparently got to Detective Rod Wheeler as he walked back accounts of his investigation.

  28. And that’s a very good guess, David. It would be super great if that turned out to be the case and all the beans are spilled!

  29. Click here for the answer to your doubt:

    He (or she) is a resident surgeon rotated to the Washington hospital last year. He’s not there this year. He knows it will be easy to identify him, but after he discovered who he had operated on, he could not, in conscience, keep to himself what he knows. He said became terrified.

    His post is said to be credible in that he detailed all medical procedures done on the patient using surgical terminology, including what medications used on him. He also described how the ER suddenly got swarmed by police officers. In the morning, the resident surgeon was not allowed to see the patient, who, curiously was suddenly referred to as a “VIP.”

    I really suggest you click on the link below and read it yourself. Here:

  30. You have AnonDoc’s statement correct for the most part medically speaking.
    The whole timeline is either blown way off or someone faked either the time Seth was brought into the hospital or his time of death. Something is TOTALLY wrong somewhere.
    Seth supposedly left Lou’s around 1:45 am and refused a ride home from Lou saying he was going to go to Wonderland Bar. Although, Lou had allegedly told investigators Seth was obviously more intoxicated than normal. No one saw him arrive at or inside the Wonderland Bar.
    It’s been reported that he made several calls while walking home: one to his father, another to a close friend, and at least one to Kelsey Mulka, his reported girlfriend.
    If he didn’t go to Wonderland Bar, the walk to his home was about a 30 minute walk. Where was Seth until 4:18 am when he was supposedly fought with “2 men attempting to rob him” and then get shot twice in the back?

    Questions & Oddities:
    1) PD first said they heard the shots and responded, but then changed their story to say the Digital Shot Sensors picked up the shots fired. (I have no idea how pin-pointedly accurate those systems are…I would think there would be a certain radius.) How was the response time for PD and EMS under 2 minutes?

    2) Following that question…where there any other 911 calls placed around that same time to report hearing the men scuffling in the street or the gunfire? That is public record and should be available upon request through the Office of Unified Communications, Washington, DC’s 911 system. I worked for a similar 911 system in another state. At ours one could request audio tape of call takers and dispatchers for the date and time of an incident and/or printouts of all the calls captured on the Automatic Number Locators (ANI) related to the incident. The OUC has a transcription staff; therefore it might be more cost effective to request printouts. I like tapes better since it’s easier to hear tones and demeanor in voices.

    3) The time of death on the police report was 05:57 am. Only about 2 1/2 hours after Seth reached the hospital. How could they may have had time to operate if they rushed him directly to surgery and then given him 2 units of blood. However, anondoc says Seth was brought in during the night (which I guess working night shift 4:30 am could still be considered night). But there is no way 8 hours could have passed at all or that Seth could have lived past shift change to pass the message along to oncoming ICU staff unless he lived longer than the public police incident report narrative indicates.

    This is a really good and interesting report with more information on some of the lead players involved in this case: