Son of George Soros Congratulates Kamala Harris on Vice Presidential Pick

Alexander Soros, the son of neoliberal oligarch George Soros, congratulated Kamala Harris on her selection as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential running mate in a tweet posted on Tuesday.

The younger Soros has taken on an increasing role at his father’s Open Societies Foundation in recent years, perhaps preparing for a role leading the group notable for its election influence operations in Europe and America and promoting liberal ideology.

Soros’ embrace of Harris may signal that her selection as running mate is acceptable to Democratic Party elites. Leading liberal Wall Street investment firms have been said to hail the nomination of Harris, who they say will prevent Joe Biden from swinging “too far left” by taxing billionaires or financial speculators.

George Soros himself had initially appeared to support Elizabeth Warren as the Democratic nominee for President, but now appears primed to drop hundreds of millions of dollars- an unprecedented sum for the Hungarian oligarch- into supporting Joe Biden’s candidacy.

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