Soros-Backed Prosecutor Hits Black Father with Criminal Charges for Calling Out ‘Grooming’ of Children in Virginia High School

A black father is facing four misdemeanor charges for exposing the pedo-marxist agenda of grooming in his son’s public school, according to original reporting from The Daily Wire.

Harry Jackson, a former Naval intelligence officer, is being hit with these charges after accusing an alumnus of “grooming” children. Jackson told Jorge Torrico, a member of an alumni group of the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax, Virginia, that he was troubled by his behavior in an online PTSA meeting.

Torrico had made a pass at a high school senior, inquiring about “equity” in a leadership event aimed at middle schoolers. Torrico gave his email to the high school senior to apparently help coordinate the event with children, as LGBT cretins dig their claws into children nationwide. Jackson found this interaction to be repugnant and voiced his concerns as a concerned parent.

“It was very disturbing seeing you exhibit ‘grooming’ behavior. I do work with children and I get background checks, I suggest you do the same because last night was creepy,” Jackson wrote in a tweet.

Jackson’s concerns were echoed by TJ Principal Ann Bonitatibus, who stated that “the original question that was posed by the parent about selection for the leadership summit would have been best addressed to a middle school principal, not to our SGA students.”

“An exchange such as what happened on the Zoom meeting, while all within the public eye, is proof positive why FCPS has clear guidelines for which platforms are used for adults to interact with students,” she added.

As a result of this interaction, Fairfax County prosecutor Steve Descano, who was heavily funded by far-left oligarch George Soros to win his post, charged Jackson with a misdemeanor for “words derogatory” of a “person’s character for virtue and chastity.” The summons claimed that Jackson’s words could “tend to violence and [a] breach of the peace.” 

Jackson would receive two additional charges under the same statutes for tweeting: “Poor attempt at character assassination from a person who stalks kids online.” Keep in mind, these charges come as Descano lets violent criminals off scot free due to so-called progressive criminal justice reform.

Jackson’s attorney Marina Medvin believes that these charges represent “the criminalization of protected writings or statements, First Amendment speech — ignoring the face-to-face fighting words requirement of constitutionally-permissible criminalization.” Medvin has filed a motion to dismiss the charges, and that motion will be heard on April 8. If that motion is not successful, Jackson’s trial will begin on April 22.

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