Soros Donations to Keep Gavin Newsom in Power Now Total $1 Million

Far-left billionaire George Soros has contributed another $500,000 to a committee backing Gavin Newsom’s campaign to stop the California recall, bringing the total amount he’s spent to keep Newsom in power to $1 million, and making him one of the Democrat governor’s top donors.

The half-million-dollar donation is only the latest of several that Soros, perhaps the most infamous financial backer of far-left causes, activists, and politicians throughout the world, has given to the political action committee calling itself “Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsome”, campaign finance reports show.

According to reports from the California Secretary of State’s office, the committee, so far, has received a total of $1 million in contributions from the Hungarian-American globalist: two $250,000 donations in June and early August; and a donation of $500,000 late last month.

Aside from Soros, the state’s bloated unions for teachers and prison guards, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, defense contractors at Lockheed Martin, and abortion rights advocates are among the California governor’s largest financial backers.

Despite out fundraising all of his potential challengers by leaps and bounds, Newsom’s recall chances are a little too close for comfort, with Larry Elder, a Black Conservative from South Central Los Angeles, emerging as the candidate who’s most likely to assume the governorship if the recall effort is successful.

As Big League Politics has previously reported, the dishonest, leftist press has become so desperate to remove Elder from the playing field, that they’ve shameless defamed him an anti-Black racist, with the pro-Newsom Los Angeles Times stooping so low as to call him the “black face of white supremacy.

Elder, if elected, would become California’s very first Black governor.

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