Soros-Funded Milwaukee District Attorney Bragged About Abolishing Cash Bail Before Waukesha Suspect’s Release

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm bragged about eliminating cash bail in the county, a policy decision many have criticized following revelations surrounding the criminal history of arrested Waukesha suspect Darrell E. Brooks.

Brooks had been released from the Milwaukee County Jail just two days before the ramming attack at a Christmas parade. The career criminal is already facing charges of being in possession of a weapon as a convicted felon, already possessing felony sex crimes, strangulation, assault and drug convictions.

Brooks had proved capable of leaving jail with little more than a $1,000 bond, an astonishingly low price for a career criminal with plethora of violent convictions.

District Attorney Chisholm had bragged of his staunch refusal to keep charged criminals in jail, instituting a policy of bail abolition as Milwaukee’s prosecutor. Globalist oligarch George Soros has donated thousands of dollars to the Democrat prosecutor, one of many agents the insidious serpent has acted to enthrone in powerful but often overlooked county and municipal offices. Chisholm hails the pro-crime policies enacted by his fellow Soros-puppeteered prosecutors in major US cities on his Twitter feed.

Most Americans would see it as an outrage for a career criminal and sex offender to escape jail while facing felony charges for a mere bond of $1,000, with Brooks all but assured a much higher bond in a jurisdiction with sane criminal justice policies.

The latest reports indicate that five people were killed in the car ramming attack, with over a dozen members of the community seriously injured. The blood is on the hands of the “progressive” district attorney who assured their assailant was released from custody.

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