Soros-Funded New Los Angeles Prosecutor Ends Cash Bail for Felony, Misdemeanor Offenses

The new George Soros-funded Los Angeles County District Attorney vowed to end the use of cash jail for felony and misdemeanor arrestees after being sworn into office on Monday, setting the nation’s second biggest city on a path to follow New York’s soft-on-crime approach.

George Gascón claims the use of cash bail has failed the community, opting instead for a “get out of jail” approach even as the murder rate in the county has increased by 25% relative to 2019. He’s ending cash bail for thousands of offenses, limiting the use of the practice to violent felonies only.

Gascón swept into office with the assistance of generous campaign contributions from globalist oligarch George Soros, defeating a black Democrat prosecutor who had aroused the ire of Los Angeles Black Lives Matter protestors. District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s husband had confronted left-wing militants who demanded to speak with her at the couple’s home with a gun, in an incident that has resulted in criminal charges.

Gascón’s elimination of cash bail follows a plan to close Los Angeles’ largest jail, potentially diminishing most pre-trial detention in the county. Gascón is also pledging to reevaluate sentences of repeat felony offenders sentenced under California’s “Three Strikes” law, which mandates sentences of 25 years to life.

The New York City Police Department has pointed to the elimination of cash bail as a major factor in the increase of crime in New York City, and even ultra-progressive mayor Bill De Blasio backed legislation to roll back the state’s “get out of jail free” crime approach.

Illinois and Colorado are also considering legislation to phase out the use of cash bail, setting themselves up to become the next American jurisdictions in which career criminals have the impunity to roll in and out in the jail system while awaiting trial for committing new crimes.

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