Soros-Funded NGO Played a Significant Role in Twitter’s Preparation to Shut Down the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

First Draft News, a non-profit organization that is now defunct and has received funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations in the past, played an integral role in Twitter’s preparation to shut down the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020, per internal documents that author Michael Shellenberger published, better known as “Twitter Files.”

Per Shellenberger’s findings, the Aspen Institute hosted a training exercise in September 2020 for traditional media and social leaders concerning the handling of hypothetical data leaks which resembled the Hunter Biden laptop report that was released in October of that year. 

Claire Wardle, former executive director and co-founder of First Draft News, apparently participated in the exercise, per an email that Shellenberger published.

Shellenberger noted that the address apparently belonging to Wardle was one of several email addresses in an email directed to leading national security reporters, Facebook’s head of security policy and other individuals, per Shellenberger. The Daily Caller reported that the Open Society Foundations, once bankrolled First Draft News. The organization closed its doors in June.

“Today we are announcing that First Draft is closing its doors to make way for the next chapter — its mission will continue at the newly launched Information Futures Lab, an initiative from Brown’s School of Public Health,” Wardle stated in an announcement.

The Aspen Institute training exercise, titled “The Burisma Leak,” featured a series of hypothetical leaks during October 2020 revealing that Hunter Biden had raked in more money in his role at Burisma than he previously disclosed and has been in communication with his father about his work there, according to Shellenberger’s report. The exercise was designed to shape how the media would cover the eventual leak of the Hunter Biden laptop story and the way social media platforms would disseminate it. 

The NGO industrial complex is a subversive set of institutions that works to undermine honest journalism, the political process, and national sovereignty. Globalist oligarchs have masterfully used these institutions to advance their agenda at the expense of everyday Americans’ interests. 

A serious nationalist movement would punish leftist NGOs and make sure that they effectively become non-operational. These institutions cannot be allowed to have breathing room in our political process. 


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