Soros-Funded Propaganda Outlet Claims Tucker Carlson’s Anti-War Stance is Motivated by Racism

Media Matters, a propaganda outlet funded by infamous progressive financier George Soros, is claiming that the anti-war stance of Fox News host Tucker Carlson is motivated by bigotry. Blogger Madeline Peltz wrote an article on Thursday saying that Carlson’s “anti-war posture has been racist since the Bush era.”

“He objects not to the human cost of another endless, pointless war in the Middle East or the fact that the government lied to Americans for decades to justify these neo-colonial adventures. Instead, Carlson would rather direct our aggression at migrants, Mexicans, and homeless people than Iranians and Iraqis,” Peltz wrote.

Peltz was triggered by Carlson’s assertion that there are more pressing domestic policies that need to be addressed – such as immigration or the opiate crisis – than fighting foreign wars of dubious merit.

“In this case, the very people demanding action against Iran tonight, the ones telling you the Persian menace is the greatest threat we face, are the very same ones demanding that you ignore the invasion of America now in progress from the south,” Carlson said on the January 2 episode of his titular Fox News program.

“The millions, the tens of millions, of foreign nationals living among us illegally; the torrent, more significantly, of Mexican narcotics that has killed and disabled entire generations of Americans — nobody cares, in case you haven’t noticed,” he added.

Peltz was also triggered by Carlson’s assertion that “our own country frays and degrades and in some places falls apart completely” as “Washington obsesses over the internal politics of nations thousands of miles from here.” She is apparently peeved that Carlson is willing to address a homelessness crisis in California that has quickly become a public health nightmare.

Peltz attributed Carlson’s rhetoric with influencing President Trump to “conduct a sweeping crackdown on homelessness in California,” which could include “razing existing tent camps for the homeless” and putting homeless individuals in mental institutions.

“For Tucker Carlson, the goal of enacting violence on people in and around the United States supersedes all others. That is why he is opposed to war in Iran. And this position is not new to him — he’s objected to American intervention abroad on racist grounds throughout his career,” she wrote.

She pointed to joking comments that Carlson made while appearing on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show over a decade ago as proof of his dastardly racism.

“We should not oppose war so that the federal government can drop a dragnet on homeless people in urban areas and punish them for their poverty,” Peltz wrote.

“Instead, we should say loud and clear: War is a moral abomination and Americans should de-escalate this conflict because we value the humanity of Iranian and Iraqi civilians and American service members,” she concluded.

However, as we saw during the Obama regime, liberals do not oppose war on any philosophical or humanitarian grounds. They largely supported Obama’s regime change war in Libya that emboldened ISIS, caused the Benghazi disaster, and unleashed a migrant crisis that threatens the future of Europe.

Meanwhile, Carlson has been consistent in opposing foreign intervention throughout his many years as a cable news analyst. Perhaps that’s why he’s the ratings king while Soros-funded propaganda rags struggle to stay afloat.

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