Soundcloud Rapper Becoming ‘Warlord’ of Seattle Leftist ‘Autonomous Zone’

A Seattle rap artist appears to be establishing his authority as the de facto “warlord” of a self-styled leftist state in the city’s downtown.

Reports from the scene of the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone indicate that Raz Simone, a Seattle rapper, has increasingly staked himself out as something of an authority figure within the jurisdiction. Witnesses describe Simone as asserting his authority over graffiti artists that attempted to paint over existing graffiti, threatening to shoot the street artists if they failed to obey his commands regarding new graffiti.

Some of the leftist anarchists who claim to have been involved in the original “creation” of the microstate have quietly expressed misgivings about Simone’s increasing position of authority in the autonomous zone, questioning whether their new warlord’s administration was any different from the centralized authority structure of the United States from which they claim to be seceding from.

ANTIFA operatives describe seeing Simone assault individuals present within the autonomous zone at least two times. One claimed that he is “becoming the very thing people didn’t want to begin with.

Video footage of the incident seems to have been caught on camera. Chaz appears far more willing to engage in the use of force than many of the American police the Seattle leftists are pointing to as their oppressors.

The autonomous zone was only created earlier this week, and already, the anarchist fantasy of a true decentralized community structure without governance seems to be falling into tatters. Now, they stand slated to live out their utopian vision under the fist of a soundcloud rapper, in addition to facing possible operations to recapture the downtown Seattle state on the part of local law enforcement or the United States government.

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