SOURCE: Omarosa Stole ‘What Do You Have To Lose’ Line During Campaign

Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth is accused of stealing the “What do you have to lose” talking point during President Donald Trump’s campaign from a fellow pro-Trump black activist.

Insiders state that Bruce Carter, head of Urban Communities For Trump, was the rightful author of “What the Hell do you have to lose,” then Omarosa stole it and fed it to Trump, who loved it and gave Omarosa the credit.

This helped Omarosa to obtain a position in the White House, where she failed mightily at African-American engagement. She did almost nothing in the White House, and has now written a book following her exit.

“You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs,” Trump told black America, which resonated. Black Americans came to the polls for Trump or otherwise stayed home for Hillary in greater-than-expected numbers.

In Omarosa’s place, independent thinkers Candace Owens, Kanye West, and others have taken up the mantle of black activism in the Republican Party. Meanwhile, Omarosa tries to sell books with a mainstream media tour.

At the Republican convention in Cleveland, Omarosa attended some parties but was imperious and standoffish, name-dropping Paul Manafort and declining to noticeably mingle with the many Trump-loving patriots who made history at that convention over those Ohio nights.

Here is President Donald Trump’s talking point, which enraged Democrats in Washington, D.C. at just the point the race became a gloves-off showdown between Trump-Bannon-Stone-Ailes and Clinton-Podesta-Kaine.

Carter did not reply to questions about the widely-held belief that he is the rightful author of the talking point:

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