SOURCES: EPA Leaker Fired for Going AWOL, Background Red Flags, Affair with American Idol Contestant, Impersonating Police

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The so-called “whistleblower” in the now-fading Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) flap is actually a disgruntled employee who was fired for cause — being AWOL from his EPA post without clearance from his agency supervisors, according to multiple sources in and near the Trump administration.

The EPA media circus over the last weeks have stemmed from allegations made by former Deputy of Chief of Staff for operations, Kevin Chmielewski, a man whose behavior and background portended a short career as a presidential appointee.

The reasons for the media maelstrom seem much clearer given recent revelations about Chmielewski.

Upon being fired, Kevin Chmielewski threatened to go public with allegations against EPA chief Scott Pruitt, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation.

Pruitt is under fire, and Chmielewski made it all happen.

As deputy chief of staff for operations at the EPA, Chmielewski oversaw security and advance for Secretary Pruitt. Despite this, he regularly took leave of his post to work on the advance team for Vice President Pence, sources claim.

Former advance staff members tells Big League Politics that Schedule C appointees are indeed allowed to take leave and work for the White House when such requests are made, but that said appointees must secure approval from their superiors.

Big League Politics has been unable to confirm that Vice President Pence’s office ever made such a request with Chimielewski’s superiors at EPA.

During Cimielewski’s final junket for Vice President Pence, EPA staff were made aware of problems with Chimilewski’s SF-86 background check. Upon his return to EPA, security demanded his parking placard and his photo government ID badge — a request that Chimielewski refused.

Rather, he got into his fake police cruiser and drove home, sources tell Big League. Despite being a civilian, Chmielewski purchased a police-type cruiser and outfitted it with police lights, sources at EPA tell Big League Politics.

When he wasn’t crashing with his friends from the Trump campaign in D.C., and in order to arrive home more quickly, Chmielewski would regularly impersonate law enforcement on his long ride home to the eastern shore of Maryland by turning on his police cruiser’s lights and speeding past slow traffic, sources indicate.

Chmielewski was fired because he took frequent trips, and was listed as officially AWOL, in the government. No one at the EPA knew where he was, and his absences caused alarm among the staff, sources state.

An Affair With an American Idol Contestant and Trump Anthem Performer

Chimelewski had an affair, according to his former paramour Haley Davis, a former American Idol contestant from South Carolina, who is saying they met during multiple Trump rallies across the country.

Chimilewski represented to Davis that he was going through a divorce and was going to be eligible again soon, according to Haley Davis.

Chimilewski and his girlfriend stayed together in hotels during all of their Republican GOP trips.

According to text messages obtained by Big League Politics, Davis learned Chmielewski was married at the end of March 2016, and she was not happy. She said she was “crushed” and “confronted Kevin,” at which point he begged Haley to stay with him. He said he would leave his wife Bree for Haley. But she refused. She said she could not bear to be a homewrecker in another woman’s home. She already felt like a fool. The entire campaign knew he was married, but he had her on his arm like a prize. It broke her heart, she said.

After Davis confronted Kevin, he refused to book her to sing at any future pro-Trump events, so she also lost her job singing for the president.

But that did not stop him from seeing her a few months later when he flew into Atlanta, Davis claims.

Davis also claims that he lied about being a NAVY SEAL.

According to his former co-worker and childhood friend Chris Eschenburg, Chmielewski lied on his resume about his service in the Coast Guard in order to get his job on the Trump campaign.

A History of Lying

OAN News reported on Chmielewski’s troubled background in April, but new details have surfaced about his background that further call Chmielewski’s character into question.

Chmielewski said he served in the U.S. Coast Guard for four years in order to obtain advance work with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

That is a false claim, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

According to an email obtained by Big League Politics from the U.S. Coast Guard, Kevin David Chimielewski served in the USCG from 11/10/1998 to 8/19/1999.

There was a good reason Chmielewski wasn’t in the U.S. Coast Guard very long.

Chimilewski went AWOL from the Coast Guard for 29 days according to Eschenburg, who knew Chimielewski from his days growing up in Ocean City.

Eschenburg claimed his going AWOL was an attention-grabbing scheme, which was consistent with his behavior growing up and in their work together, and it resulted in his tenure at the U.S.C.G. being shortened.

Chimielewski was definitely seeking fame, which was his modus operandi his entire life according to Eschenburg.

Eschenburg even went so far as to call Chimielewski a pathological liar, recalling at least one instance in which he told fellow bar patrons he was a rescue swimmer in the Coast Guard, like the Ashton Kutcher movie “The Guardian” with Kevin Costner.

“He really just loves access to famous people. He was like a pig in shit,” said Eschenburg.

“He’s getting a bunch of notoriety and claiming to do it because it’s the right thing to do, but he doesn’t do anything because it’s right. It’s just the only thing he can do. He doesn’t have a job, he’s not college educated,” Eschenburg said.

Eschenburg also confirmed Chimielewski’s affair with Haley Davis, saying, “He had a family and was travelling the country and cheating on his wife the whole time.”

“He was living a double life. Haley is angry with Kevin, as well,” Eschenburg said.

Eschenburg also confirmed the reason behind Chmielewski’s firing was related to the lack of credibility on his resume and his financial disclosure problems.

Pruitt Weathers the Storm

The effort to undermine Scott Pruitt in the court of public opinion has but one objective: to prevent the Trump administration from achieving its strategic energy goals and re-making America as the world’s leading energy exporter.

Environmentalist extremists like Jeff Merkeley (D-OR), Rep. Gerry Connelly, and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse are all beating the drum in an attempt to oust EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.

Despite creating this PR row for Administrator Pruitt, Chmilewski still strongly maintains that he supports the President.

Big League Politics reached out to Chmielewski for comment, but received no response.

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