Sources: McCain Saved Obamacare So That President Pence Can Be The One To Kill It

John McCain, Facebook

Sources in Washington confirm that Senator John McCain voted against the Obamacare Skinny Repeal so that President Donald Trump could not score a legislative victory before he can be impeached by the House and Senate.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury for his “Russia” investigation, which still doesn’t have any evidence or any possible charges that could be associated with it. A grand jury indictment is the first step to obtaining articles of impeachment, and then it would take a majority of the House of Representatives and then two-thirds of our 100 senators. The Deep State might be strong enough at this point to pull it off, even if there’s no evidence that Trump actually colluded with Russians or did anything wrong.

Congress already forced a Russia sanctions bill that Trump had to sign for “national unity,” against his will, and neocon National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is firing all of Steve Bannon’s allies on the National Security Council.

As Big League Politics exclusively reported, McCain and Lindsey Graham watched the election night results together. Graham said, “Well, now we’re going to have to deal with this guy for four years.”

McCain replied, “No. He’s going to have to deal with us.”

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