SOURCES: Ralph Northam Is ‘Trying To Find People To Say They Were In The Photo’

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, who is campaigning to be elected as the state’s governor, greets supporters during a rally in Richmond, Virginia, U.S. November 6, 2017. REUTERS/Julia Rendleman – RC1759A6E8F0

Virginia Democrat governor Ralph Northam is scrambling to find a way forward after Big League Politics published his blackface/KKK medical school yearbook photo. Northam admitted that he was in the photo, and initially tried to find an explanation including that he wore a Michael Jackson costume.

With the NAACP or other protesters following Northam wherever he goes in public, the disgraced Democrat is looking for a new option.

“The Northam people are trying to leak” a story to mainstream media outlets including possibly the Washington Post that other people were in the photo, a top-level inside source in Richmond close to Northam’s team tells Big League Politics.

“They have floated and pursued various theories and are trying to find people to say they were in the photo. Trying to find the fall guy and fall chick,” the source tells BLP.

I reported:

UPDATE: Ralph Northam skipped his political fundraiser with a Democrat state senator Sunday as the NAACP protested him.

John Findley, executive director of the Republican Party of Virginia, which jointly protested, told Big League Politics in a statement:

“Ralph Northam is skipping party fundraisers because he clearly can’t look voters in the eye due to his actions, which have made Virginia a laughingstock nationwide.”

Original report below

Racist Virginia Democrat governor Ralph Northam continues to be unable to function effectively as governor or party leader, as evidenced by the NAACP protest against him Sunday — the latest in a series of progressive protests against Northam that do not appear to be stopping anytime soon. This comes on the heels of Northam skipping the Census meeting and getting cancelled by a historically black college that did not want to entertain his apologetic “listening tour.”

Big League Politics published a photo from Northam’s medical school yearbook in which the future governor was wearing either blackface or a Klan hood — prompting national outrage and calls for Northam’s resignation. While Northam decided to stick in office, his political power is diluted and even his own state party originally disowned him in public.

“Northam makes me want to Ralph,” read one sign at the protest, according to WUSA9’s Sarah Konsmo. The protest convened outside an event Northam is holding with a Democrat state senator — which he skipped.

Big League Politics reported:

Just weeks after Big League Politics exposed Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam as a racist, the embattled public servant was rejected from Virginia Union University, where he was scheduled to appear for the first stop on his “listening tour” to atone for his racist past.

“Student Government Association President Jamon Phenix penned a letter addressed to Gov. Northam demanding he back out of the event, explaining that the students ‘feel as though your presence takes away from the historical significance of our commemoration,’” said a VICE report.

VUU is a historically black university. Northam heeded the demands of the VUU student body.

According to the report, the Governor was invited to the school later this year for a “roundtable discussion.”

“There was no real reconciliation. If he was to attend, he would not be on the platform and he would not have said anything. Where’s the reconciliation inside of just a presence?” Phenix reportedly told VICE.

Northam has refused to resign, despite calls from multiple high-level Democratic lawmakers and groups. Over the weekend, the Democratic Governor’s Association and the NAACP both re-upped their calls for Northam’s resignation.

Still, the Governor hangs on by a thread.

His lieutenant, Justin Fairfax, stands accused of rape by two women, charges which he vehemently denies. Fairfax has also refused to resign, and the #BelieveAllWomen crowd has been noticeably less supportive of his accusers than they were of the accusers of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Attorney General Mark Herring, who called for Northam to resign when the original blackface/KKK robe photos were published, later admitted to wearing blackface himself. He has ceased his calls for Northam’s resignation, and has not resigned either.

For Northam, the soul train derailed before its first stop. Despite that, it rolls onward.

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