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South Africa: Another White Farmer’s Savage Murder Sparks Demonstrations at Courthouse



A fresh round of protests began outside a courthouse in Senekal, South Africa, where two suspects accused of savagely murdering a white farmer are currently being arraigned.

21-year-old farmer Brendin Horner was brutally murdered in South Africa earlier this month. He was found tied to a pole with injuries to his head and face on October 2, a day after his girlfriend reported him missing.

The next day, October 3, police arrested Sekwetje Isaiah Mahlamba and Sekola Piet Matlaletsa for their suspected role in the murder. A police spokesman stated that the authorities found “blood-stained clothes and shoes” and vowed to forensically test them.

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There have already been prior demonstrations at the Senekal courthouse. Back on October 6 protesters gathered and demanded justice for Brendin Horner specifically, but also white South African farmers generally, whom they see as being easy targets for racially-motivated resentment.

Counter-protesters also showed up, mostly activists from the Economic Freedom Fighters Party. Some of them seem to have chanted “kill the Boer, kill the farmer.”

Just as the United States has to deal with the legacy of slavery and segregation, South Africa has to deal with the legacy of apartheid. Some in South Africa don’t think the government goes far enough vis-à-vis land distribution and righting historical wrongs, while others don’t think it adequately protects the interests of the minority Boers who feed the country. It’s a complicated situation that clearly still has its tense moments.

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Endorses Donald Trump’s Reelection

Ties have grown between America and Brazil in recent years.



Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced his endorsement of President Donald Trump in an event signing a new trade agreement between the United States and Brazil on Tuesday in the South American country.

God willing I will be able to attend Trump’s second inauguration,” said Bolsonaro at a press conference detailing the new agreement with US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien. Bolsonaro wanted to emphasize that he does not wish to “interfere” with the US election, but that his support for President Trump comes from the heart.

Bolsonaro and Trump have coordinated on policy to contain Venezuelan and Cuban-style Communism within South America. NSA O’Brien stated that relations between the US and Brazil have “never been stronger” at the trade agreement signing. The US designated Brazil a “non-NATO” ally in 2019, and the two countries have worked together on environmental policy to deter wildfires in the Amazon rainforest.

The new “mini-trade deal” signed between the two countries will regulate telecommunications exchanges between the US and Brazil. Brazil, which is the second-most populous nation in the New World with 211 million people, is an increasingly significant country in global business and diplomatic affairs.

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Bolsonaro himself is somewhat of a right-wing populist in the veins of global leaders such as Viktor Orban, Andrzej Duda, and President Trump. He won election in 2018 in a landslide, capitalizing on alienation among the Brazilian electorate for the socialist-style governments that had governed the country for over a decade, mass crime, and preferences for gun rights.

Establishment liberals frequently receive endorsement from globalist leaders across the world, and never think twice about not crying “foreign interference” in the event that it benefits them. President Bolsonaro isn’t an American, but it certainly bodes well to see the leader of the Americas’ second largest country develop a strong working relationship with President Trump.

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