South Carolina College Republican Federation Moving to Impeach Never Trumper Chairman

The South Carolina Federation of College Republicans confirmed on its official Twitter feed Thursday that its activists are taking preliminary steps to impeach the group’s Never Trumper Chairman, Will Galloway.

Galloway had appeared in a promotional video of Republican Voters Against Trump, a Bill Kristol-affiliated front group seeking to rebuild neoconservative influence in the Republican Party by campaigning against President Donald Trump.

State College Republicans federations are often structured in a manner that allows full-time political networkers and well-connected party elites to seize power to the detriment of grassroots activists and campaigners, incentivizing an unhealthy political establishment. Federation chairs are nominally obligated to represent and support CR chapters, as opposed to using their positions for self-promotion and personal political agendas.

The College Republican National Committee is known to be stacked with an extensive network of Never Trumper elitist liberals, including individuals who strenuously sought to oppose Donald Trump’s 2016 election and actively work to suppress and shut down America First and conservative-leaning College Republicans chapters.

It’s simply unfair on the part of Galloway to South Carolina CR activists to squat in place in his position of leadership, considering the overwhelming majority of Republicans in the state support President Donald Trump. Fortunately for South Carolina CR’s, it appears their state federation is prepared to get Galloway out of the way, allowing the Joe Biden supporter to take his place in the Democratic Party and for the state’s college Republican activists to elect a conservative as their federation chair.

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