South Carolina State House Passes Permitless Carry

On February 22, 2023, the South Carolina State House voted 90-30 to approve a permitless carry bill that would allow law-abiding gun owners to carry handguns openly or concealed without having to beg the government for permission. 

Now the bill is waiting to be voted on in the State Senate, where Republicans hold a decisive 30-15 advantage.  

“This will open up options for families to protect themselves without a permit,” stated State Representative Bobby Cox, the primary sponsor of this bill. “South Carolinians can still get the training they need. But they don’t need a permission slip to exercise that right.”

South Carolina’s Constitutional Carry bill would also lower the age at which South Carolina residents can carry a concealed handgun. Currently, South Carolina law allows individuals 18 or older to buy a handgun. However, concealed weapons licenses have only been available to individuals over the age of 21. 

South Carolina has historically had a GOP establishment that has done everything possible to kill Constitutional Carry and similar permitless carry bills. Despite being a solid red state, South Carolina still lags behind other red states when it comes to pro-gun legislation such as open carry, which is still banned in the state. 

According to Guns & Ammo magazine’s most recent best states for gun owners rankings, South Carolina is ranked in a relatively mediocre 23rd place. The state clearly has work to do in improving its pro-Second Amendment profile. 

Second Amendment proponents in the state will have to be especially vigilant with the state’s current permitless carry bill due to the establishment’s penchant of tacking on poison pill provisions to corrupt legislation and make it unpalatable for freedom lovers. It’s at the home stretch when the Right has to ensure that such legislation is not derailed. 

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