South Dakota Bill Would Jail Doctors Who Drug or Perform Surgery on ‘Transgender’ Children

A South Dakota lawmaker is introducing legislation that would throw doctors in jail who help transgender children along on their gender transition by dosing them with drugs and performing surgeries to mutilate their genitals.

The Vulnerable Child Protection Act, or House Bill 1057, would make it a class four felony for doctors in the state of South Dakota to surgically alter the gender of a child. It would also criminalize a doctor from prescribing puberty-blocking drugs to children as well.

“It is a bill to protect vulnerable South Dakota children who have some challenges with understanding if they’re a boy or a girl. It’s the same penalty as we established in the Female Genital Mutilation bill, I copied the penalty from that bill. I think of the procedures as similar, they’re both mutilating procedures,” said Representative Fred Deutsch, who proposed the bill during the first week of the new legislative session.

Deutsch said that he became aware of the issue months ago on social media, and felt the need to take action against this bizarre and destructive trend.

“I listened to their stories and the next thing I did was check if there’s any doctors in South Dakota that provide these mutilating or sterilizing procedures, I found there were a number of them and decided to draft a bill to protect our children from these doctors,” Deutsch said.

LGBT special interest groups and left-wing pro-degeneracy organizations are crying foul about Deutsch’s bill.

“What it does affect, is hormone blockers for youth, which just halts puberty. If you get off the pill or the injection, you go ahead and your hormones come back naturally,” said Boots AmongTrees, who has the title of interim vice president with Sioux Falls Pride.

“I think it’s really unfortunate to see legislators trying to put doctors in prison or for doctors to have to choose between prison and violating their Hippocratic oath,” said Libby Skarin, who works with the extreme left-wing group American Civil Liberties Union.

The legislation is expected to be heard in committee next Wednesday, and is apart of a movement of state legislators around the country who are taking action against the excesses of the LGBT movement.

Awareness began to spread of the problem following the James Younger case in Texas:

Jeffrey Younger spoke to LifeSiteNews shortly before a gag order went into effect banning him from talking in public about his 7-year-old son, James, who is being transitioned into a girl by his non-biological mother.

In the interview, Mr. Younger revealed that his ex-wife, pediatrician Dr. Ann Georgulas, discussed castrating James in an email exchange. Despite the fact that the evidence was revealed in the court of law, the jury still decided to grant custody to Georgulas despite her Mengelean intentions.

“We put up an email from Ms. Georgulas to me in which she contemplates cutting the penis off my son,” Mr. Younger said, according to PJMedia. “Twenty minutes later, they go into deliberations, and they come back voting against me. I mean, the Texas that I grew up in, the Texas that I live in, if a parent did that, we’re just going to give them to the other parent: we’re not going to tolerate that kind of craziness.”

He hopes that his case will be a “wake-up call” to Christians across the country about the need to stand and fight against an LGBT agenda that is clearly after the souls of the children.

Big League Politics will continue to cover intrepid state lawmakers as they push back against an LGBT agenda that is targeting children for induction into their satanic lifestyle.

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