South Dakota is the First State to Introduce Legislation Banning Forced Vaccinations for School Attendance

According to Health Impact News, South Dakota is the first state to propose a bill that would outlaw mandatory vaccinations for school attendance.

This marks a stark contrast to states who kowtow to Big Pharma and continue adopting forced vaccination policies.

House Bill 1235 was introduced to ban schools from singling out any person who refuses to undergo coercive medical intervention, which includes forced vaccinations.

HB 1235 read:

No child entering public or nonpublic school, or a public or nonpublic early childhood program in this state, may be required to receive any immunization or medical procedure for enrollment or entry. The Department of Health may recommend any immunization for school entry but may not require them. No school may use any coercive means to require immunization.

Any educational institution, medical provider, or person who forces someone to submit to immunization will face a Class 1 misdemeanor charge.

District 21 State Representative Lee Qualm is the bill’s main sponsor.

The text of the bill can be found here.

The bill can be tracked at the National Vaccine Information Center’s Advocacy Portal.

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