Southern Baptist Convention to Rename Itself In Nod to Black Lives Matter Movement

The Southern Baptist Convention is set to rename itself, with the group’s president citing the ongoing Black Lives Matter riot movement as an imperative for the change, according to The Hill. The group no longer wants to be associated with the American south.

Our Lord Jesus was not a White Southerner but a brown-skinned Middle Eastern refugee,” the organization’s president, JD Greear told the Washington Post. “Every week we gather to worship a savior who died for the whole world, not one part of it. What we call ourselves should make that clear.

Greear cited the summer’s national race riots and unrest following the death of George Floyd in police custody. The resolution to adopt a new name passed following a vote of church leaders, although it’s unclear how they perceive the name as an insult to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The church will rename itself Great Commission Baptists. The new name is all well and good, and invokes a command of Jesus to his disciples, but it’s questionable that they’re making the change for what seems to be expressly political purposes.

Other imagery and references to the “southern” nature of the denomination is expected to be removed from public view.

The Southern Baptist Convention used to be a boogeyman for old-school liberals, but now it’s just another mainline church akin to the notoriously liberal Episcopal and Presbyterian churches.

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