Southern Poverty Law Center Attorney Hit with Domestic Terror Charges Following Atlanta Riots

An attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been hit with domestic terrorism charges for his alleged participation in riots that have ravaged the city of Atlanta, Ga.

Attorney Thomas Webb Jurgens was arrested on Sunday for allegedly participating in a coordinated assault against Georgia State Patrol Troopers that included gunfire. Jurgens is currently employed as a staff lawyer at the Decatur office of the SPLC.

Some of the horrifying riot footage caused by the psychotic leftists on the march against civilization can be seen here:

The SPLC is predictably running cover for their ANTIFA foot soldier:

Big League Politics has reported on the SPLC being a hate group that agitates against the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution by attempting to destroy the lives of American patriots who are on the front lines against Marxism:

One of America’s most profitable faux-hate fundraising schemes may soon be facing additional scrutiny over its non-profit status from the IRS, after Arkansas’ Senator Tom Cotton called for the agency to investigate the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Cotton sent a letter to the commissioner of the IRS on Tuesday calling for an investigation into the SPLC’s corrupt practices involving the defamation of its political opponents and off-shoring of hundreds of millions of dollars-ostensibly raised to litigate against the supposed ‘hate groups’ the SPLC opposes- to avoid financial transparency.

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