Southern Poverty Law Center Supports Black Supremacist Ideology Responsible for Islamic Vehicular Capitol Attack, Killing One Cop

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has endorsed the radical black supremacist ideology responsible for radicalizing the terrorist responsible for the vehicular U.S. Capitol siege that occurred on Friday.

The SPLC has called patriotic pro-Christian groups “hate groups” but at the same time gives a pass to openly racist, openly anti-white, openly anti-Semitic groups promoting black nationalism.

“Black separatism was born out of valid anger against very real historical and systemic oppression,” the SPLC stated, adding that they reject “federal law enforcement’s false and misleading contention regarding threats from Black separatists.”

25-year old Noah Green demonstrated what the SPLC refers to as “valid anger” at the U.S. Capitol on Friday as he drove into the Capitol barricade. He murdered white police officer William “Billy” Evans after being radicalized by the ideology of the Nation of Islam (NOI).

NOI founder Elijah Muhammad explained in his Message to the Blackman in America claimed that all white people were “devils” and argued that “separation must come between god’s people and the devil.”

“Reverend King has made it clear that he never wants the black man to rule, because he knows it will be ‘just as dangerous as white supremacy,’” Muhammad stated. “This shows that all black people should disregard anything that a man like that says.”

The SPLC made it clear that they support black supremacist terrorism when they stopped recording it on their Hate List earlier this year.

Big League Politics reported on how the SPLC endorsed black supremacist terrorism in the name of “equity,” which is the latest buzzword to justify anti-white racism:

America’s largest hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, tweeted on Monday that they were “collapsing the Black Separatist listing” on their so-called “hate map” because “black separatism was born out of valid anger against very real historical and systemic oppression.”

The tweet included a link to an article from October that initially announced the change, titled “Equity Through Accuracy: Changes to Our Hate Map.”

The SPLC stated, however, that they were not necessarily going to scrub black separatist groups from their website. They claimed they would still “monitor” them while “transferring them to hate ideologies […] that better describe the harm their rhetoric inflicts.”

“Black separatist groups land on the SPLC’s hate map because they propagate antisemitic, anti-LGBTQ and male supremacist views, not because they oppose a white supremacist power structure,” the article said.

The SPLC then digs into the specific reasons why they decided to make the change. They do not wish to appear like they’re “suppressing” black activism or supporting “criminalizing and over-policing.”

Black separatism is a response to white supremacy and white nationalism; it has not, however, received the same mainstream attention as white nationalism. Nor do Black separatists have the overwhelming share of racially motivated violence attributed to their overall goals of separation. Yes, some Black nationalists have committed violence against Jewish communities, but those are fueled by antisemitism, not separatism. Additionally, Black separatism is rooted in valid concerns about how federal and state institutions treat Black people,” they argue.”

The SPLC needs to be investigated for its subversive activity against the Bill of Rights and Constitution, with subsequent criminal charges coming against its funders and administrators.

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