Spanish Political Leader: ‘We Stand For Law And Order Like Trump’

The leader of a right wing Spanish political party that has been gaining popularity said that he and his supporters are in lockstep with President Donald J. Trump.

“We stand for the same law-and-order and social conservative causes as Trump,” said Santiago Abascal, leader of the Vox party, according to Voice of Europe. 

Abascal, a populist, said that his party is “in step with what millions of Spaniards think.” His party, which advocates for legal immigration and an end to the migrant wave that is paralyzing Europe, won 12 parliamentary seats in a regional election on Sunday. A socialist party has held control of the region for decades.

But populism is taking Europe by storm. In Britain, a majority of the populace voted to leave the European Union even before Trump was elected president. That has not happened yet, as the globalist powers that be have slow-rolled the move while the country has become restless.

In France, yellow-vest wearing protestors torched Paris over the weekend, rioting against an “fuel tax” which was implemented and then retracted by President Emmanuel Macron in order to address “climate change.” Big League Politics reported:

In what’s been called a “yellow jacket revolution,” French people have taken to the streets to express their opposition to crushing carbon taxes levied upon the people by limousine liberal Emmanuel Macron

True to form as an establishment globalist elite, Macron has levied the costs of fighting climate change upon the working and middle-class French people. A massive carbon tax has driven the price of fuel in France to unprecedented heights, making it all the more difficult for the French middle class to provide for themselves and their families. Despite corporate and political elites producing the greatest amounts of carbon emissions and driving pollution, it’s the intolerant peons who must be made to pay the price by their rulers, according to Macron

Right wing Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini has made it a point to put Italy first, too. He has fought unfettered mass migration and introduced a bill to “be stronger in the fight against the mafia and (people) smugglers, reduce the costs of excessive immigration, expel delinquents and fake refugees, strip terrorists of citizenship, (and) give the police greater powers.”

Even Brazil elected a right wing populist president, Jair Bolsonaro, who has vowed to fight socialism and restore power to the individual.

Populism is taking the world by storm as the elites watch in horror.

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