Speaker Dennis Bonnen Hurls Insults At Rural Texan Gun Activists, Misleads On Constitutional Carry

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen is doubling down in his campaign against gun rights activists.

As if his defamatory remarks against Texas Gun Rights activist Chris McNutt weren’t enough, Bonnen is now making fun of the rural origins of some gun owners in Texas.

In an interview with Julie Fine of NBC 5, Bonnen said, “I never envisioned the level of insane, continuous, vicious attack from these people that live out in the woods, in a cave somewhere on an issue that is simply about letting a felon carry a gun.”

The Republican leader seems content not only with killing Constitutional Carry but also disparaging a large segment of Texas gun owners.

Lone Star Gun Rights commented on Twitter about Bonnen’s unhinged behavior:

Besides lying that CC allows criminals to carry, calls 2A supporters cave-dwelling hillbillies! This is what he thinks of delegates that voted to make CC the #1 lege priority! This is what he thinks of the grassroots! This is what he thinks of Texans!

Despite Bonnen’s claims that Constitutional Carry bill HB 357 allows for felons to carry, the bill still maintains the state’s prohibition of felons from carrying. It only just gets rid of the permitting requirement for law-abiding citizens.

From the looks of it, 2019 is another session where gun rights activists have failed to get a vote on Constitutional Carry.


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