Special Prosecutor Determines State Attorney Kim Foxx Broke No Laws in Dropping Charges for Hate Hoaxer Jussie Smollett

A special prosecutor has determined that Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx committed no criminal acts while dropping charges for B-level actor and hate hoax artist Jussie Smollett.

Special prosecutor Dan Webb criticized Foxx and her office for how they handled the case, but ultimately said that no criminal wrongdoing was committed.

Webb said that his investigation “did not develop evidence that would support any criminal charges against State’s Attorney Foxx or any individual working at (her office).” However, it “did develop evidence that establishes substantial abuses of discretion and operational failures” in handling the case. Foxx, of course, will never be held accountable for her errors.

Foxx was even rewarded by voters after her handling of the Smollett case. She won the Democrat primary earlier this year. She is the first black woman to ever hold Chicago’s top law enforcement job. This woman is a shining example of the type of leadership that diversity and multiculturalism bring to government.

After her primary victory, Foxx thanked “everyone who rallied and made it bigger than one thing, one issue, who rejected the notion that we would talk about one singular case and not what matted to the people of Cook County.”

“Tonight, the voters have once again spoken and are calling us to continue our mandate of criminal justice reform. They are calling us to continue to make Cook County, a model for this country,” she added. “There was an effort to make this election, about one big case involving a celebrity. No voter have overwhelmingly put that fallacy to rest. The truth is, our office handles urgent cases every day.”

Big League Politics has reported on the incredible overreach committed by Foxx as she has covered for Smollett, which caused Chicago police to turn on her:

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and a group of suburban police chiefs joined together on Thursday to give a vote of no confidence to Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx after her office let Obama-connected actor Jussie Smollett walk with no charges after he lied to police to create a hate hoax.

“People standing around me can give you countless examples of how Ms. Foxx’s lack of prosecution has cost our members and police officers … an enormous amount of problems,” FOP President Kevin Graham said. “Not to mention the fact that the people in Cook County are depending on prosecutors to put people in jail and charge them accordingly.”

Graham joined a group of roughly 30 suburban police leaders in calling on Foxx to resign. She has no plans to do so and continues to deny any wrongdoing despite pulling this miscarriage of justice in broad daylight.

“I was elected by the people of Cook County to pursue community safety, prevent harm, and uphold the values of fairness and equal justice,” Foxx said in a public statement. “I’m proud of my record in doing that, and I plan to do so through the end of my term and, if the people so will it, into the future.”

Graham makes it clear that the Smollett disgrace was far from an isolated incident. It is just another embarrassment coming from a long career of inappropriate conduct from Foxx’s office.

One troubling instance is Foxx’s office dropping murder charges on Gabriel Solache and Arturo Reyes despite the fact that Foxx’s top assistant at the time believed that the two men brutally stabbed a couple to death in their home in 1998. Graham is also perturbed that those who assault police officers are rarely charged by Foxx.

“We need to have a prosecutor who is going to charge people when they commit a crime,” he said. “If there’s no charges and nobody goes to jail, then obviously the law doesn’t mean anything. … That’s a problem.”

A group of suburban police chiefs from Northern Illinois also addressed their concerns in a sternly-worded letter of denouncement addressed to Foxx.

“It appears your strategy to address non-violent crime in Cook County is to decriminalize or ignore it, regardless of any collateral cost which is born overwhelmingly by individual communities and their police agencies,” they wrote.

This is a window into who will run the country if the demographic collapse is not remedied quickly. The scourge of diversity will make this once great nation into the United States of Somalia in no time.

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