“Special Relationship” on the Ropes, Pensacola Shooter Identified as Saudi National and Military Member

The murderer responsible for gunning down 3 people and wounding seven others at Naval Air Station Pensacola was identified as Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani.

He is a Saudi national and a member of the Saudi Arabian military who was residing in the U.S. for aviation training.

The shooting is currently being investigated as a possible terror attack.

The assailant fired upon a classroom building where he killed at least three and wounded seven other people.

Two deputies responded to the murderer and took out the shooter, while sustaining gunshot wounds, according to a report from David Morgan, the Escambia County Sheriff. One of the officers was shot in the knee and the other in the shoulder. They are both expected to recover.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference once the dust cleared from the shooting.

Congressman Matt Gaetz immediately responded to this shooting by offering up an alternative to the current screening process that involves the entry of foreigners into the United States and who train at bases throughout the country.

Gaetz tweeted, “We’re learning a Saudi Arabian military member in Pensacola committed these murders. I’m working with the @DeptofDefense, @StateDept, and @DHSgov to ensure there’s extreme vetting for people who come to our country and train on our bases.”



America needs to get both its migration and defense policies in order. On the first front, mass migration is undermining the institutional framework of the U.S. and making it gradually appear like a failed state.

For foreign policy, the U.S. will need to reassess its “special relationship” with Saudi Arabia and pursue a foreign policy that doesn’t place it in entangling alliances with a country that can barely defend itself from foreign threats without American taxpayers dumping billions of dollars into their defense systems. In the same token, such an alliance, compounded with the U.S.’s lax migration system, does open the country up to potential terroristic threats by those who exploit migration loopholes.

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