Spineless Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson Says Donald Trump Should Never Hold Public Office Due to January 6

On January 1, 2023, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson announced that former President Donald Trump should not be allowed to run for public office again over his alleged role in inciting the January 6, 2021 storming of the United States Capitol. 

According to Press TV, Hutchinson is floating the idea of running for president in 2024. Should he fail to secure the Republican Party nomination for president, Hutchinson favors a different candidate instead of Trump.

“I do not believe that Donald Trump should be the next president of the United States,” Hutchinson declared. “I think he’s had his opportunity there. I think Jan. 6 really disqualifies him for the future.”

The Arkansas governor said he is willing to do what it takes to ensure that there is an alternative nominee to Trump in the 2024 presidential election cycle.

“I want to see everything I can do to make sure there is the alternative, and that Donald Trump is not the nominee of the party. That’s the first thing. And let’s figure out how to do that,” Hutchinson stated.

Hutchinson conceded that Trump’s poll numbers are solid and he still has a solid base of support. 

“I think you have to start him out as the front-runner simply because he’s polling that well. He’s the former president,” Hutchinson declared.

Hutchinson called attention to how Trump’s campaign has been relatively quiet thus far despite the “chaos” that Trump has been associated with in the past.

“It’s an opportunity for other voices to rise, that are going to be problem-solving, common sense conservatives,” Hutchinson stated.

“You need to simply have a message that’s authentic to yourself, a message that is problem solving, and say, ‘this is what we need to do as a country.’ And that, to me, is the right contrast.”

In December of 2022, Hutchinson described a third Trump presidential run as the “worst scenario” for Republicans. In addition, Hutchinson believes that Trump’s call for re-doing the 2020 elections hurt the country.

That said, Hutchinson did not discard the possibility of supporting Trump should he receive the Republican nomination.

“That’s really the worst scenario,” Hutchinson commented with regards to a rematch between Trump and Joe Biden. “That’s almost the scenario that Biden wishes for. And that’s probably how he got elected the first time. It became, you know, a binary choice for the American people between the challenges that we saw in the Trump presidency, particularly the closing days, versus Biden, who he made it that choice.” 

“The midterm elections made it clear to me that the GOP needs a bold agenda, but also new voices that’s articulating what our party stands for, the direction we want to take our country,” Hutchinson concluded.

Hutchinson is part of the establishment conservative wing of the Republican Party that shills for Big Business and plays nice in order to gain favor with the media. BLP previously reported on Hutchinson’s veto of legislation that would have safeguarded children from being subjected to the druggings and mutilations that the so-called gender transition process entails. 

Republicans like Hutchinson should ultimately be ignored and purged from the party if nationalists want to see their policies fully implemented. At the end of the day, these craven individuals represent a major obstacle to policy progress.

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