SPLC Allies With Antifa Group That Cheers The Death Of Trump Supporters

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) claims to condemn the violent acts of Antifa. They specifically mention that on their website’s frequently asked questions.

But in the same breath, the SPLC refuses to label them as a hate group because, as they claim, they “do not promote hatred based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

I wonder what the SPLC thinks about hurling racial slurs at black cops, beating down minorities in the street, and throwing up Sieg Heil salutes at protests? Considering those are all things Antifa has done, one would think it would concern them.

But waiting for the SPLC to condemn any of those actions is a fools errand considering that the SPLC openly allies with at least one Antifa-affiliated group regularly.

The group, One People’s Project, is run by a man named Daryle Lamont Jenkins. Lamont Jenkins’ hobbies include doxxing, attending protests with violent antifa leaders, and getting kicked out of food courts after playing porn on his cell phone. According to an SPLC representative, Lamont Jenkins has attended conferences with the SPLC, and is considered an ally to the organization.

While they may attempt to sugarcoat his group, simply referring to it as “anti-racist,” in reality it regularly fuels Antifa violence. Along with fueling their violence, they fully embrace the Antifa label, even selling merchandise with the violent group’s name on it.

The group has also been present at countless Antifa protests, many of which have gotten extremely violent due to the actions of the left.

Lamont Jenkins, through his website, Idavox, also regularly cheers the deaths of his enemies. The latest person to be featured in one of his celebratory obituaries is Leo Stratton, a conservative journalist who recently died in a truck crash.

Stratton was a run-of-the-mill Trump supporter who didn’t support any form of racism. But because he was a supporter of Donald Trump, his death is a celebratory moment for heartless left-wing radicals. Thankfully the conservative community is standing with his family at this tough time, even setting up a GoFundMe to raise money for them.

When Big League Politics spoke to a representative with the SPLC about the celebratory obituary they declined to comment, citing lack of information. But the representative did note that the SPLC is aware of Lamont Jenkins’ affiliation with Antifa, and cited that as a major reason for them not working directly with him.

But while they may not work directly with him on research, they do reference his work quite often.

It is clear that the SPLC’s ties to Antifa go deeper than they are letting on. They regularly blast those they consider extremists on the right, so it may be time for them to do the same to those on the left.


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