SPOOKY: Video Footage Appears to Capture ‘Ghosts’ Running Across Gettysburg Battlefield

Strange new video footage captured by a New Jersey man appears to depict what looks like a ‘ghost’ running across the grounds of the infamous Battle of Gettysburg of the American Civil War.

The footage, captured by Gregory Yuelling, appears to show a humanoid blur running to a gravel road next to two cannons commemorating the battle.

Watch the footage here. The blur in question appears on camera at around 15 seconds into the footage.

Skeptics have argued that the blur seen on Yuelling’s windshield is no more than a drop of water moving across the glass in the wind, but Yuelling disputes that notion.

The Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863 was not only the most bloody battle of the American Civil War, but the bloodiest battle ever to occur on American soil, or on the North American continent, for that matter. The combined Union and Confederate armies suffered around 50,000 casualties, with some estimates placing the combined totals of deaths at 10,000.

The battle in southern Pennsylvania was the essential turning point in favor of the Union forces in the Civil War, interrupting a string of Confederate victories that made secession seem impossible to prevent. Abraham Lincoln delivered the iconic Gettysburg Address four months at the site after the battle, dedicating a cemetery to the killed Union soldiers who fought in the battle. The historical site of the battle remains a compelling tourist attraction, not too far away from the Philadelphia metro area.

A real encounter with the paranormal, someone playing a prank, or a twist of fate falling upon someone with a colorful imagination? You decide.

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