Spy Stefan Halper’s Phone Number, Now Claimed By Relative, Shows Up in ‘DC Madam’ Logs

Conspirator Stefan Halper has a phone number confirmed by multiple paid and unpaid major databases of phone number registrations, and also sources confirm that this was Stefan Halper’s phone number during the period in which the Operation Crossfire Hurricane conspiracy was going on beginning in 2016.

Big League Politics has called the number, which is now claimed by Marin Halper, a listed relative of Stefan Halper, but the number automatically goes to voicemail.

This exact phone number, we can confirm, shows up in the DC Madam phone number logs, listed in many different places and stored HERE on Cryptome.

The DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey was ruled dead of a suicide in 2008.

In the world of international espionage, oftentimes DC madam numbers are used by political dirty-doers like Halper to set up their marks.

Carter Page, who was targeted by Halper, made it clear that tactic was NOT used on him by Stefan Halper.

“I never had a conversation about such topics with him,” said Page, whose testimony in previous BLP interviews goes into great detail about the Operation Crossfire Hurricane conspiracy.

Here is some more background on the Halper family:


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